Making vocals perfect is difficult, but there are plugins that will help you get a more transparent and balanced sound. We picked the top 5 for cleansing and correcting vocals.

1. iZotope Nectar 2

nektar, plagin, vokal, obrabotka, ayzotop

Nectar 2 is a vocal processing station with built-in presets and a user-friendly audio interface. In addition to the classical instruments such as de-essering, gate, compressor and equalizer, which form the basic vocal treatments, it can also blend reverb, saturation, delay and much more.

Web site: Nectar 2

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2. Revoice Pro

revoyspro, nektar, plagin, vokal, obrabotka, ayzotop

Revoice Pro is used by almost all leading producers to quickly and accurately adjust the pitch, duration and balance of voice and instruments.


This plugin includes many features that are simply indispensable for mixing both solo parts and backing vocals.

Web site: Revoice Pro

3. Melodyne


Celemony was one of the first to create a program for editing tracks in a flexible way that works well for both vocals and live instruments. This is probably the most comprehensive editing tool ever made. Naturally, this program does not perform miracles, and as before, it is important for vocalists to sing as well as possible so that it can be fixed in a painless way.

Web site: Melodyne 4

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4. Waves Vocal

Waves Vocal

This is not a plugin, but a bundle that Waves often offers at a discount.


This kit includes cool plug-ins for vocal processing, such as: DeBreath, Doubler, Renaissance Axx, Renaissance Channel, Renaissance DeEsser and Waves Tune. There is everything to edit the height of the notes, remove the whistlers and sate properly.


If you want to handle vocals professionally – this package of plug-ins will meet all your expectations.

Web site: Waves Vocal

5. iZotope RX5 Audio Editor

iZotope RX5 Audio EditorAnother Izotope plugin to highlight. This time it is a highly specialized audio editor for cleaning and improving recording. With the help of graphic tools you can identify the problem area and eliminate it as harmless as possible. It could be an explosive sound, a car signal in the background, or something else that is difficult to remove by standard methods. Here you can suppress “internal” sounds and unpleasant artifacts. This plugin is suitable for those who process recorded materials, such as seminars, video reviews and TV shows.

Web site: iZotope RX5 Audio Editor

Sing beautifully, sound transparent!

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