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Preparing a track for mastering

Brief instruction:

Export the mixed track, having previously disabled the processing on the master bus (equalizer, limiter, and others). The overall volume level should not exceed 0db (-3db can be set).

  • Format: WAV, FLAC or AIFF;
  • Bitrate: 16 bit, 24 bit, 32 bit (float);
  • Sampling frequency: 44100Hz-96000Hz.

*Place the prepared files in an archive and upload them to any convenient file-exchanger (for example: DropMeFiles or WeTransfer). **mastering is 10-15% of the quality of your track. The main work depends on mixing and sound recording quality.

Send archive


The sound can be different: a Deep-style track will emphasize low frequencies with swinging dynamics, the dancing House and Pop have pronounced highs, a wide stereo field and a light low-frequency foundation (although there are also exceptions). There are many shades. To better understand the desired result, attach 1-2 references, the quality of which you like (in mp3 / wav / flac and / or the names of the songs themselves), or specific text wishes. This will allow the engineer to better understand what you would like to hear as a result and will facilitate further interaction. We also offer additional discounts when ordering mastering of an album (from 3 tracks), it is convenient to calculate the individual cost in a calculator.

Here is a standard project with many audio and MIDI channels. In order to do mastering, it is necessary to properly prepare the multitrack for work.
First step

Set the markers to the entire track so that it is captured from the first to the last second (including the reverb tail, if present).

Second step

Remove global fades as they will sound unnatural after applying dynamics. If in doubt, export the second "fallback" version using slices so that the mastering engineer can repeat them when finished.

Third step

Remove all plugins from the master bus before exporting the file, as this may prevent the mastering engineer from using their own treatments. If you like a specific effect - leave a note in the attached text document. Check the volume of the composition (it should not go beyond 0db at the output). For peak reserve, set -3db (by simply lowering the finish channel slider), or save the track in Wav - 32bit Float (this format keeps all peaks above zero).

Fourth step

Save the mix in Wave format at the same sampling rate as the project (so we can ensure that you don't lose quality and enhancement of the final stereo file). It is important to maintain bit depth at every stage of the manufacturing process. Place the resulting file + 1-2 reference tracks (the quality of which you like, in the same style) into the archive and upload to any convenient file exchanger.