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Source for musicians, producers, sound engineers and DJs!

The development of the brand directly depends on the interest of the audience. It is important to take into account regionality, age, interests and gender. If you need people who are interested in musical novelties and goods, then you have come to the right place! We want the process of promoting your software / hardware products to be as easy as possible!

Ways of promotion:

  1. Writing unique (at least 90%) articles in Russian with keywords and external links;
  2. Making a review of the materials and products provided;
  3. Advertising in Instagram AREFYEVStudiogear (42100 subscribers);
  4. Advertising on YouTube channel AREFYEV (2700 subscribers);
  5. Place your ad on the right column of the blog (image + link), which will be visible to all visitors to the site.

Who reads us?

AREFYEVSTUDIO is a digital resource for representants of the music industry. On this site we publish the latest news, reviews and interviews. According to the statistics of Yandex Metrics for the last year the site received 524 560 visits and 381 374 unique users. They are people from all over the world: Russia (70%), followed by Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, the USA and Germany. Monthly correlation of indications occurs (data of this page are updated every 2 months).

Russia 70%
Ukraine 15%
Belarus 8%
Kazakhstan 4%
USA 2%


Account Statistics AREFYEVStudiogear (32.7k): age group 25-34 years (87% of men, 13% of women), main visitors from Los Angeles, New York and London. View Profile: more than 3000 people a month (without agitation). For up-to-date information and prices, please contact the contact form.

USA 47%
Brazil 9%
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland 4%
Argentina 3%

    The list of promoted products includes: VST plugins, samples, loops, libraries, software, website reviews, digital and hardware products, e-books, authoring tracks with links to the purchase page, and other elements directly related to the music industry. Outside advertising, the development of a personal site for an artist / group is available and its further support by the administrator.

    In the contact form, please indicate the latest data and the exact task, so that we can orient concerning the terms and cost of the service.