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What is the difference between Mixing and Mastering?

Those who are not connected with music or just started to show interest in it can be mistaken in that for a quality song it’s enough to accumulate (record) the vocals in the recording studio and it will all sound fine. What kind of disappointment and discontent comes when it turns out that you still need to do the mixing of the track and fill the material with different effects. The process of creating a quality song takes place in the following sequence: Writing music / words ⇒ Accumulation ⇒ Mixing and filling the project with effects / space ⇒ Editing / changing ⇒ Mastering = Finalizing and distributing the mix.


Accumulation - is the process of recording vocals / instruments in a recording studio. By making an accumulation, you get a completely raw and unbalanced material that requires further processing.

Order mixing and mastering

The mixing of music is a completely creative process, through which the view of the mixing engineer on the composition is expressed. Material processing includes filling with harmonics, effects and space. Frequency conflicts and unnecessary artifacts are eliminated. Without the mixing, the song / track will not sound. This is an inalienable stage. The mixing is 80-85% of the total quality.


Mastering is the work on an already-mixed track (one track), or over groups of instruments (Stem-mastering). Mastering means aligning to the desired balance, width and hue (on the base of popular tracks as a rule) and is only 10-15% of the total quality. Some studios perform mastering during mixing. In our studio – these are two different processes, which are handled by individual specialists. To order mastering and get acquainted with the cost of services, please visit the PRICES page.