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Order mixing of the track online!

Does the recorded material sound insufficiently dense and full? Lacking effects and consistency? - It can be fixed! Order Light mixing (up to 7 tracks) and get 2-track vocal tuning and mastering — for free!

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What is mixing?

settingsMusic mixing - it is the detailed processing of every sound and every track of the project. It includes elimination of resonances, noise and low frequency hum, sibilance balancing, dynamics and panning. Mixing is a completely creative process that requires attention and time. This can include adding creative artistic effects or working with existing treatments. You can see the publicly available examples below ->

Examples of mixing and mastering

How much does a service cost?

Light Mixing

37 dollars

Volume: up to 7 tracks Manual tuning of two vocal tracks and mastering - free! 2-3 days to complete

Medium Mixing

60 dollars

Volume: 8 - 21 tracks Mastering as a gift! 3-5 days to complete

Complex Mixing

86 dollars

Volume: 22 - 40 tracks Mastering as a gift! 4-6 days to complete

Expert Mixing

250 dollars

Unlimited tracks and project edits Mastering as a gift! + manual voice tuning, remix-pack, archive with stems

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    • Send materials and our manager will answer you in the next 6 hours. If you are ordering for the first time, details on preparing the project for mixing are posted in the user manual.
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