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Mixing and mastering Price Timing Details
(2 – 7 tracks)
2-3 days – mastering as a gift!
(8 – 21 tracks)
3-4 days
– mastering as a gift!
(22 – 40 tracks)
4-6 days
– mastering as a gift!
+ base of labels 
The number of tracks and edits – unlimited
from $200 12-16 days
– mastering as a gift!
+ manual tuning of voice, remix-pack, archive with stems, base of labels
IMMEDIATE IMPLEMENTATION $30   Project execution out of turn
Mastering Price Timing Details
1 track
 1 day
Free demo-mastering!
1 track

5-7 days
Mastering at least 7 tracks.
1 track (up to 5 stems)
2-3 days Master tools groups. For example, groups: bass + drum, percussion, instruments, effects, vocals
1 track (up to 5 stems)
10-14 days
When ordering at least 7 tracks

What is the difference between Mixing and Mastering?

Mixing – is primarily the creation of a holistic sound of the composition. At this stage, you can maximally fine-tune each element, make a qualitative equalisation, add various creative effects and a spatial processing. We will professionally edit each track of your track. We will make it warm, dense, voluminous and naturally sounding (without a “plastic” hue). This work can not be done at the very stage of mastering.

Mastering – is a set of processes designed to prepare the track for its final reference sound. The studio will conduct diagnostics, carefully analyze each part of it, eliminate (as far as possible) the error of information, equalize the dynamic and frequency characteristics. With the help of mastering we will achieve maximum volume without loss of quality. Audio recording will be bright, clean and volume sound on all musical media.

Additional services Price Timing Details
ARCHIVE WITH STEMS $8  1 day New multichannel format “stems”. When ordering mixing – warn in advance
$10 1-2 days Processed tracks of the combined project (without mastering)
automatic note alignment
FREE Free Autotune when ordering mixing and mastering a project
manual note alignment
(1 track)
$7* 1-2 days Correction of vocals in height and duration of sound

*When ordering mixing and mastering the project, the cost of manual tuning of the vocals is $ 4 per 1 track.

AUDIO RESTORATION The price is negotiable Recovering voice recordings and old records. Getting rid of noise, clicks and other artifacts