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Acustica Audio unveils Nickel plugins and free version of Eminence

2 January , 2022 | Mixing and mastering

The developers of the Acustica Audio company continue to focus on emulations of rare analog equipment and this time they are releasing two new vst plug-ins at once. Nickel includes two EQs, a compressor and an entire preamp section, and the Eminence plugin is available as a free bonus. Acustica Audio Nickel This plugin package […]

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Acustica Audio – Pensado EQ 2: New version of the company Equalizer

20 December , 2021 | Mixing and mastering

Acustica Audio Pensado EQ 2 is a new version of the plug-in developed in collaboration with Studio DMI. The plugin appeared almost exactly two years ago and was based on cooperation with the Grammy Prize winner – Dave Pensado. Now and you can get its corporate sound with some improvements and new features. According to […]

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Waves SSL EV2 Channel: New SSL 4000E Mixing Strip Emulation

30 November , 2021 | Mixing and mastering

Waves SSL EV2 Channel recreates the legendary SSL 4000E console and presents itself as a new vst plugin with authentic sound, analogue depth and richness of detail. To faithfully simulate the desired sonic properties, Waves again rely on so-called Precision Analog Component Technology, with which this channel strip simulates component by component. The plug-in replicates […]

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Kanye West releases Donda Stem Player for remixing

2 September , 2021 | Mixing and mastering

American multimillionaire, rapper and music producer Kanye West has something very special for the release of his new album, Donda. For just $ 200, you can use specially designed hardware to modify, remix, highlight individual tracks, add effects, and create entirely new tracks. And, according to developer Kano, it will become some kind of child’s […]

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Behringer STUDIO XL: analogue of Big Knob Studio with Midas preamps

28 August , 2021 | Mixing and mastering

It was clear that after STUDIO M and STUDIO L, Behringer would release their third and possibly final monitor controller based on the Mackie Big Knob. The STUDIO XL bears a superficial resemblance to the Big Knob Studio and offers the same features and amps from Midas. What else do they have in common and […]

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Harrison 32 Series EQ, Filters and Compressor Plugin

27 August , 2021 | Mixing and mastering

The Harrison 32C Channel aims to bring authentic console sound to your DAW software. The plugin consists of three components: equalizer, filter and compressor. You can install them in the order you want. Harrison 32C Channel The new channel strip plugin contains three sections. All of them are based on the sound of a 1970s […]

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PreSonus MicroStation BT

PreSonus MicroStation BT: Bluetooth enabled monitor controller

13 May , 2021 | Mixing and mastering

PreSonus has introduced a new studio monitor controller. MicroStation BT is compact, inexpensive and designed for anyone who wants to easily reproduce sound from mobile devices on their monitors. There are analog connections, of course. Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to play audio from your phone on studio monitors? Or […]

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Sennheiser Sonova

Sennheiser sells consumer headphone segment to Sonova

8 May , 2021 | Mixing and mastering

As Sennheiser announced today, a Swiss investor has acquired the consumer headphone segment. The entire division, existing and future models, as well as the ability to sell under the Sennheiser name, will go to global supplier of medical hearing aids, Sonova. The deal will not affect other Sennheiser destinations and brands. The traditional German manufacturer […]

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SONIMUS presented a new equalizer SONEQ2

6 May , 2021 | Mixing and mastering

Sonimus has unveiled its latest product – SonEQ2. This is a further development of the predecessor SonEQ, offering ample opportunities to create your own analog style equalizer. There are five different modules available in the instrument: 4 EQ bands and a preamp. Using the “Woow” switch, if desired, you can expand the stereo of the […]

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