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Why don’t most rock bands use keyboard bass?

15 November , 2020 | Mixing and mastering

Keyboards are actually some of the least versatile tools out there. You can certainly make all kinds of different sounds on your keyboard. But, unless you use a different controller (which you can also do on any other instrument), each individual note can only be louder or quieter, and can also be turned on or […]

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How to record your guitar in a line so you don’t feel ashamed?

12 November , 2020 | Mixing and mastering

Having seen enough of the tough guys, we all dream of a big guitar stack, to which several microphones lead, and then necessarily to an expensive studio console (not forgetting about tube compression, of course, to give even more FAT). But more often than not, we have an inexpensive guitar, sound card, and a couple […]

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Spotify can now promote music but receive fewer royalties

11 November , 2020 | Mixing and mastering

Spotify has announced a new system for promoting tracks in recommendations. Despite the obvious benefits for some performers, the system already has two important features. First, the authors will receive less royalties for streaming such songs. Secondly, the recommendation system, which is considered to be a strong point of this streaming, risks becoming a collection […]

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Popular music is actually degrading

1 November , 2020 | Mixing and mastering

Many of us have either heard or have spoken out ourselves about the degradation of contemporary music. Tracks from the top charts every year become less expressive and more similar to each other, and the Internet is flooded with endless “Cadillacs” and “Fendi Hoodies”. It turned out that this is not a retrograde delusion, but […]

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Steven Slate Audio VSX

Steven Slate Audio – VSX

6 October , 2020 | Mixing and mastering

Steven Slate Audio VSX is a new mixing system that combines hardware and software. The product consists of headphones and a specialized program that simulates various studios, rooms, cars and other equipment. The VSX headphone system allows you to create and mix music in accurate models of professional recording studios, mastering rooms, car stereos, nightclubs […]

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iZotope Neoverb

iZotope introduced the Neoverb reverb

3 October , 2020 | Mixing and mastering

iZotope released the Neoverb Reverb, which combines ExponentialAudio with an intuitive AI-powered workflow to help music producers and mixing engineers quickly find the right space for instrumental and vocals. Neoverb’s ReverbAssistant feature allows you to quickly jump to the starting point in real time, and can also combine three different types of reverb at the […]

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iZotope RX 8

iZotope RX 8 for sound restoration. What’s new?

4 September , 2020 | Mixing and mastering

IZotope announced the availability of version 8 of its complete suite of sound restoration tools. RX 8 comes with new tools and improved modules to help you achieve more results in less time. The package is not easy and will require good resources to work. The RX plug-in series is designed for point-to-point interaction with […]

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26 August , 2020 | Mixing and mastering

With the Amek EQ 200, PLUGIN ALLIANCE and BRAINWORX have introduced the first in a series of planned Amek hardware emulations. It is a seven-band equalizer designed to recreate the sound of the well-known parametric equalizers of the 1970s and 1980s from companies such as Sontec and GML. It is based on the GML 8200 […]

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Softube Tape

12 awesome tape emulation plugins

24 June , 2020 | Mixing and mastering

There are many types of cassette decks today: later models can achieve extremely high fidelity, while earlier or cheaper models can significantly color the sound before it even hits tape. The tapes were in different widths, from two inches to 1/8 “for compact cassettes; and tape speed can range from 30 ips on a professional […]

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