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RØDE Unveil RØDECaster Pro II Podcasting Console

25 June , 2022 | Mixing and mastering

RØDECaster Pro II from RØDE is an audio production studio for content creation. It combines elements of a podcasting, streaming or studio setup into one high-definition touchscreen console. Four Neutrik combo inputs allow you to connect microphones and instruments, while two computer outputs or two mobile device outputs can be used simultaneously via a USB […]

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Acustica Audio Jet: Hybrid 2 Band Dynamic EQ – Basic Version Free!

25 June , 2022 | Mixing and mastering

Acustica Audio has introduced Jet, a new plug-in that comes free (its basic version) and can be upgraded with two extensions. Acustica Audio Jet is a two-band dynamic equalizer that the manufacturer has developed for mixing projects. The plugin combines digital and analog concepts. The plug-in’s hybrid approach means that the dynamic part of the […]

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Pochemu studii ispol'zuyut neskol'ko komplektov monitorov

3 Best Electronic Music Creation Software in 2022

21 June , 2022 | Mixing and mastering

Choosing the right audio workstation (DAW software) is one of the most important choices a music producer can make. A DAW, or Digital Audio Workstation, is a computer application that allows you to create, edit, record, mix, and master music. Today we will look at three programs for the production of electronic music: Ableton Live […]

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Magix Sound Forge Pro 16: new dynamic EQ and improved visualization

5 June , 2022 | Mixing and mastering

Magix Sound Forge Pro 16 comes with a dynamic EQ and a new volume visualizer. The resampling engine has also been redesigned. Magix Sound Forge Pro 16 Sound Forge Pro 16 contains some exciting new features. A volume visualizer has been introduced to have an accurate display of audio levels (in LUFS) for TV or […]

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Antares Auto-Tune Vocal EQ

Antares showed a new dynamic equalizer for vocals Auto-Tune Vocal EQ

4 June , 2022 | Mixing and mastering

Antares has unveiled Auto-Tune Vocal EQ, a new effects plug-in exclusive to the Auto-Tune Unlimited subscription. A dynamic equalizer specifically designed for vocals must provide particularly accurate processing of audio material thanks to its built-in pitch detection. At first glance, Auto-Tune Vocal EQ resembles many other modern VST equalizers. Most of the display is occupied […]

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iZotope Neutron 4

iZotope released Neutron 4 – what’s new and where to download?

3 June , 2022 | Mixing and mastering

Mix music faster with artificial intelligence. The biggest innovation of the Neutron 4 plug-in is an advanced audio mixing assistant. It implements ideas with just a few controls. In addition, the demasking module has been extended to dampen overlapping frequencies. iZotope Neutron 4: Demasking for Clear Track Separation Compared to Neutron 3, a new module […]

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RØDE VideoMic GO II microphone review

2 June , 2022 | Mixing and mastering

RØDE’s microphone promises professional broadcast quality and is designed for use in mobile environments (phones, recorders and photo/camcorders). With a length of only 120 millimeters and a weight of 89 grams, it is clear why we are dealing with a lightweight that deserves the nickname “GO”. It’s perfect for travel as it can be stowed […]

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Audio-Technica ATH-M20 XBT2: Bluetooth version of a studio classic

29 May , 2022 | Mixing and mastering

The studio classic is now wireless! The Audio-Technica ATH-M20 XBT2 Bluetooth headphones combine the design and sound of the popular ATH-M20X studio headphones. Plus, they’re wireless. Therefore, studio sound will always be with you in your home office, on the road and in the recording studio! The ATH-M series from Audio-Technica is one of the […]

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Universal Audio Releases Hitsville EQ Plugin Collection

28 May , 2022 | Mixing and mastering

Universal Audio has announced that a new Hitsville EQ collection (along with v10.1 of their software) will be released this week for both Apollo users and UAD Spark subscribers. The collection contains emulations of the specially crafted EQs that shaped the legendary sound of Motown (the first record company founded in 1959) and are the […]

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