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PreSonus MicroStation BT

PreSonus MicroStation BT: Bluetooth enabled monitor controller

13 May , 2021 | Mixing and mastering

PreSonus has introduced a new studio monitor controller. MicroStation BT is compact, inexpensive and designed for anyone who wants to easily reproduce sound from mobile devices on their monitors. There are analog connections, of course. Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to play audio from your phone on studio monitors? Or […]

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Sennheiser Sonova

Sennheiser sells consumer headphone segment to Sonova

8 May , 2021 | Mixing and mastering

As Sennheiser announced today, a Swiss investor has acquired the consumer headphone segment. The entire division, existing and future models, as well as the ability to sell under the Sennheiser name, will go to global supplier of medical hearing aids, Sonova. The deal will not affect other Sennheiser destinations and brands. The traditional German manufacturer […]

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SONIMUS presented a new equalizer SONEQ2

6 May , 2021 | Mixing and mastering

Sonimus has unveiled its latest product – SonEQ2. This is a further development of the predecessor SonEQ, offering ample opportunities to create your own analog style equalizer. There are five different modules available in the instrument: 4 EQ bands and a preamp. Using the “Woow” switch, if desired, you can expand the stereo of the […]

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ReFX Nexus

The best presets and extensions for the ReFX Nexus synthesizer – for free!

3 May , 2021 | Mixing and mastering

We have selected for you over 3000 presets and extensions for one of the most popular synthesizers – ReFX Nexus! In it you will find not only juicy deep bass, but also cutting sawtooth synths, various types of pianos, samples, beats, as well as orchestral sounds that are relevant today. All this can be downloaded […]

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Softube presented by Empirical Labs Mike-E Comp, Lil-FrEQ and Trak Pak

27 February , 2021 | Mixing and mastering

Hardware and software company Softube publishes emulations of well-known processors in collaboration with Empirical Labs. They are mainly used in professional recording studios for audio mixing and mastering. The offer includes a Mike-E compressor and a Lil-FrEQ equalizer. Console 1 users receive a complete set of hardware to integrate both processors into the Console 1 […]

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Waves Audio introduced a new plugin called Vocal Bender

27 February , 2021 | Mixing and mastering

Hardware and software company Waves Audio has unveiled Vocal Bender, a new vocal processing plug-in. It allows you to control pitch and formant in real time. Today, it is a popular and widely used effect in some musical styles. Waves Audio has released an apparently simple effects plug-in found in many other manufacturers. In terms […]

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ESI eXtra 10 headphones simulate the environment and acoustics of a professional recording studio

20 January , 2021 | Mixing and mastering

dSONIQ Realphones ESI Edition simulates the sound of a recording studio, transforming the eXtra 10 headphones into versatile headphones. From now on, everyone who owns or buys ESI eXtra 10 headphones will receive a license for the dSONIQ Realphones ESI Edition. The technology simulates the volume, environment, acoustics, character and frequency subtleties of a quality […]

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Besplatnoye rasprostraneniye muzyki. 7 luchshikh agregatornykh servisov dlya Spotify

Spotify creates fake musicians with fake songs

16 January , 2021 | Mixing and mastering

A story about how Spotify creates fake musicians with fake songs to pay less royalties to real musicians for their real songs. Spotify’s official playlists often feature songs by unknown artists with dozens or even hundreds of millions of plays. For example, Ana Olgica. According to her profile on Spotify, she is “the daughter of […]

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Grafik raboty na prazdniki

Opening hours for the holidays (2020-2021)

24 December , 2020 | Mixing and mastering

Dear clients, we wish you a Happy New Year 2021! The outgoing person was not at all friendly to humanity and we hope that everyone, without exception, went through it preserving their health and the health of loved ones. We inform you about the work schedule on holidays: 12/29/20 (Tuesday) – from 9:00 to 20:00 […]

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