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iZotope RX 8

iZotope RX 8 for sound restoration. What’s new?

4 September , 2020 | Mixing and mastering

IZotope announced the availability of version 8 of its complete suite of sound restoration tools. RX 8 comes with new tools and improved modules to help you achieve more results in less time. The package is not easy and will require good resources to work. The RX plug-in series is designed for point-to-point interaction with […]

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26 August , 2020 | Mixing and mastering

With the Amek EQ 200, PLUGIN ALLIANCE and BRAINWORX have introduced the first in a series of planned Amek hardware emulations. It is a seven-band equalizer designed to recreate the sound of the well-known parametric equalizers of the 1970s and 1980s from companies such as Sontec and GML. It is based on the GML 8200 […]

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Softube Tape

12 awesome tape emulation plugins

24 June , 2020 | Mixing and mastering

There are many types of cassette decks today: later models can achieve extremely high fidelity, while earlier or cheaper models can significantly color the sound before it even hits tape. The tapes were in different widths, from two inches to 1/8 “for compact cassettes; and tape speed can range from 30 ips on a professional […]

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Abletunes introduced RVRB reverb

13 June , 2020 | Mixing and mastering

Abletunes announced the release of RVRB Algorithmic Reverb. Reverb is not aimed at emulating hardware, but is designed to create modern spaces in electronic music. The plugin is capable of reproducing a wide range of natural and creative sounds, from small rooms to studios and wide concert halls. The tool is based on a high-class […]

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AMS Neve Releases 1073OPX Remote Controlled Mic Amplifiers

9 June , 2020 | Mixing and mastering

Neve 1073 is one of the most legendary microphone preamps in the history of sound recording. It was available in almost all possible formats. AMS Neve just announced that the brand is once again changing its manufacturing approach and introducing a new octal pre-amplifier for microphones / instruments. The device is called 1073OPX. What is […]

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IK Multimedia ARC System 3

IK Multimedia announces ARC System 3

31 May , 2020 | Mixing and mastering

IK Multimedia has announced the release of a system for adjusting the studio space. The kit is called ARC System 3 and is included in the T-RackS 5 plug-in package. It is well known that arranging room acoustics is a complex and expensive topic. In addition to acoustic material, engineers also use software, thereby optimizing […]

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112dB introduced Mikron Chorus

28 May , 2020 | Mixing and mastering

Software maker 112dB introduced an emulation of the legendary Mikron Chorus effect. This time, the effect is based on the legendary Roland Juno synthesizer choir and the Boss CE2 effects pedal. This is the sound that haunted us in the 1970-1980s! It can be heard in countless songs on instruments and vocal parts. — See […]

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ardour 6

Ardor 6.0 – Free Mixing and Mastering Software for Linux, Mac, and Windows

27 May , 2020 | Mixing and mastering

On the outside, there are hardly any differences with Ardor 6.0 compared to version 5.12. Nevertheless, much has been done, but first of all “under the hood of the program.” The developers are sure Ardor 6.0 brings more convenience and stability than all previous versions. The list of changes is really long, but the developers […]

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Blue Cat Audio Re-Head

Blue Cat Audio released Re-Head

25 May , 2020 | Mixing and mastering

Listening to headphones gives a completely different experience compared to working through studio monitors. In addition, prolonged use of the headphones can be tedious. Blue Cat Audio is trying to solve this problem with the Re-Head plugin. — See also: Mastering The Mix released MIXROOM — Re-Head uses a unique technology that simulates the movement of […]

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