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Luchshiye VST LIMITERY 2024 goda

The best VST LIMITERS of 2024!

17 March , 2024 | Mixing and mastering

When it comes to mastering, limiters are often one of the most important tools for making your music louder and tighter. Since limiters have a lot in common with compressors, you may find similar parameters such as attack, threshold or release. In this article, we suggest several plugins that are considered the best in 2024! […]

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iZotope Trash

iZotope Trash (2024) – re-release of the distortion plugin with new features!

14 March , 2024 | Mixing and mastering

iZotope, as part of Native Instruments, have brought back everyone’s favorite Trash distortion plugin, but with a new design and new features. Explore over 60 distortion algorithms, from subtle warmth to extreme sonic destruction. Seamlessly mix four algorithms using the XY panel to create a wide range of custom textures. The Convolve module lets you […]

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Vitalizer Mk3-T MixDream XP Mk2

SPL presented Vitalizer Mk3-T and MixDream XP Mk2

4 January , 2024 | Mixing and mastering

The SPL Vitalizer Mk3-T and MixDream XP Mk2 were introduced in November last year, but both of these studio tools are now available for purchase. Vitalizer Mk3-T is the latest version of the popular Vitalizer, which works with methods based on psychoacoustics. MixDream XP Mk2 is a summer update with Class A technology. SPL Vitalizer […]

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Cymatics MEMORY

Cymatics MEMORY – Free emulation of old school sounds!

28 December , 2023 | Mixing and mastering

MEMORY by Cymatics is a plugin that seamlessly blends the past and present, introducing subtle imperfections into audio signals that convey a familiar feeling of nostalgia. It transforms any audio signal into an absolute old-school audio spectacle with a variety of effects, from chorus to vibrato. This plugin will definitely give you new ideas and […]

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IK Multimedia T-RackS PORTA ONE

Authentic tonality with legendary tape recorders from TASCAM and IK Multimedia

15 October , 2023 | Mixing and mastering

TASCAM and IK Multimedia are donating the TASCAM/IK Multimedia T-RackS PORTA ONE software package from the TASCAM tape collection. With quick and easy registration, anyone can bring the classic analog sound of TASCAM PORTA ONE into their computer recording system. The Tascam Tape Collection includes ultra-precise replacement versions of legendary TASCAM and TEAC tape recorders […]

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A highly integrated professional audio interface solution for live and studio use

15 October , 2023 | Mixing and mastering

The Fireface 802 FS is a professional audio solution for live and studio use in a 19″ cabinet. The new interface from RME offers 60 audio channels, improved sound quality, SteadyClock FS, improved digital connections, professional high-transparency preamps, a full effects section. and operation at frequencies up to 192 kHz. The fact that the new […]

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Acon Digital Remix

Acon Digital Remix: Real-time track group separation

19 September , 2023 | Mixing and mastering

Acon Digital Remix is a new plugin that specializes in real-time stem splitting. The plugin not only separates vocals and music, but also breaks the track into larger parts, while using technology based on artificial intelligence. This opens up a lot of possibilities for remixing and adds flexibility when doing mastering. Splitting music into individual […]

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Pulsar Audio w495

Pulsar Audio w495: analog Neumann emulation for free!

18 September , 2023 | Mixing and mastering

Pulsar Audio w495 EQ is a new emulation of the Neumann w495, the popular 500 series analog three-band equalizer. According to Pulsar Audio, it was used to master 90 percent of vinyl records between 1970 and 90s. But the w495 remains a popular studio instrument today. For a short time, you won’t have to pay […]

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Auto-Align 2

Sound Radix announces Auto-Align 2, an update to their renowned auto phase correction plugin

6 May , 2023 | Mixing and mastering

Since its original release nearly thirteen years ago, the Auto-Align plug-in has grown into a trusted tool for sound engineers and producers. Now, with the release of Auto-Align 2, this modern classic has been given a radical makeover that promises to deliver better results. Auto-Align 2 eliminates comb filters, minimizes transient blurring, and spectrally optimizes […]

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