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ardour 6

Ardor 6.0 – Free Mixing and Mastering Software for Linux, Mac, and Windows

27 May , 2020 | Mixing and mastering

On the outside, there are hardly any differences with Ardor 6.0 compared to version 5.12. Nevertheless, much has been done, but first of all “under the hood of the program.” The developers are sure Ardor 6.0 brings more convenience and stability than all previous versions. The list of changes is really long, but the developers […]

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Blue Cat Audio Re-Head

Blue Cat Audio released Re-Head

25 May , 2020 | Mixing and mastering

Listening to headphones gives a completely different experience compared to working through studio monitors. In addition, prolonged use of the headphones can be tedious. Blue Cat Audio is trying to solve this problem with the Re-Head plugin. — See also: Mastering The Mix released MIXROOM — Re-Head uses a unique technology that simulates the movement of […]

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saturn 2 fabfilter

FabFilter released Saturn 2. What’s new?

25 May , 2020 | Mixing and mastering

The first version of the Saturn saturator from FabFilter, was released eight years ago. The developers reassembled the second version, redesigned the interface, expanded the capabilities and increased the number of presets to 28. The first thing that catches your eye is the redesigned color scheme, which is now in dark red color, which is […]

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Mastering The Mix released MIXROOM

20 May , 2020 | Mixing and mastering

Mastering The Mix has released the MIXROOM plugin, an intelligent equalizer that helps you set the perfect balance for vocals, synthesizers and other instruments in your mix. It can even be used for mastering. — See also: Valhalla – Supermassive (free) — Getting a clear and balanced sound at mid and high frequencies can be a […]

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Valhalla – Supermassive (free)

19 May , 2020 | Mixing and mastering

Literally in a previous article, we noted reverbs from Valhalla as one of the most interesting and affordable. Today, they have pleased fans of their products with a new free plugin called Supermassive! Supermassive is a delay plugin that can create everything from ordinary sound reflections to artistic reverbs with the addition of a flanger. […]

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The 18 best vst reverbs of 2020! Free spatial effects

17 May , 2020 | Mixing and mastering

It’s been 4 years since our last review on reverbs! We summarized the knowledge gained, new releases for all this time and allocated free spatial effects for working in the studio. Each of these plugins can be tested for free in any DAW program, be it Ableton Live, Fl Studio, Cubase or Logic PRO. KUSH […]

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Artificial intelligence Open AI learned to write songs with vocals

8 May , 2020 | Mixing and mastering

OpenAI introduced Jukebox, an open source artificial intelligence system that can generate complete songs with music, meaningful lyrics and vocals. Researchers have trained Jukebox on 1.2 million songs in almost all genres. Now, AI can create his own songs, which are often similar to the works of those artists on which he studied. Jukebox can […]

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SSL Native Essentials

SSL Native Essentials Package: Legendary SSL Sound For Less Than 5 Euros

29 April , 2020 | Mixing and mastering

Solid State Logic (abbreviated as: SSL) introduced the Native Essentials Bundle, a stripped-down version of their monthly subscription package. From now on, you can use the pure and accurate sound of the legendary console for less than 5 euros per month. The kit includes a channel strip and a compressor bus. These two plugins formed […]

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Audified released VocalMint Saturator

25 April , 2020 | Mixing and mastering

Audified has introduced a new line of plug-ins starting with the one-handed VocalMint Saturator. The Czech company proudly introduced a new line of simple plugins containing just one pen. Such a format already exists among many developers, which allows you to quickly process the source signal with one touch, or by creating automation on individual […]

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