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Cymatics MEMORY – Free emulation of old school sounds!

28 December , 2023

Cymatics MEMORY

MEMORY by Cymatics is a plugin that seamlessly blends the past and present, introducing subtle imperfections into audio signals that convey a familiar feeling of nostalgia. It transforms any audio signal into an absolute old-school audio spectacle with a variety of effects, from chorus to vibrato. This plugin will definitely give you new ideas and completely change the DNA of any sound through random pitch modulation. And it’s absolutely free!

With MEMORY, you can take your sound in new directions using analog chorus and vibrato parameters, as well as random pitch modulation. The result sounds surprisingly old-school. You have the ability to simulate the subtle imperfections of a dusty tape recorder with unpredictable vibration effects.

MEMORY is primarily a “accurate” emulation of the Fairfield Circuitry Shallow Water effects pedal, and is considered the pedal’s secret weapon in sampling. At the heart of this effect is a simulated BBD delay that uses a carefully tuned pseudo-random source to simulate the characteristic sound of analog tape. The Depth parameter controls the strength of the random modulation that affects the pitch of the signal. In this case, the “Speed” control adjusts the time interval between random fluctuations in pitch. The adjustable Noise parameter allows you to add the desired amount of analog noise to the signal. Additionally, the Filter knob allows you to control the effect of incoming audio on the cutoff frequency of the low-pass filter envelope follower.

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The developer spent a whole year creating MEMORY, which you can now use in your songs for free. You can download Cymatics MEMORY for free from the manufacturer’s website. The plugin runs on Windows and macOS (including Apple Silicon support) as VST3, AAX and AU in 64-bit version. A user manual in PDF format and presets are also installed.

Download for free: Cymatics MEMORY.

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