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You made a cool track, but it doesn’t sound as loud and tight as commercial work? – No problem! We will correct the shortcomings and tell you what to fix so that you get the highest quality work!

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What is mastering and what is it for?

settingsMastering - is the final step in processing a track. It allows you to intervene in the frequency and dynamic characteristics, eliminate minor resonances, balance the stereo field, and also increase the overall perceived volume. During processing, the style of the composition, the quality of the recording and track information, as well as the general wishes of the client, are taken into account. We provide a free demo version so that you can listen to how work with high-quality processing can sound, as well as give comments from a specialist on information errors. You can see public examples below ->


How much are the services?


15 usd

When ordering mastering an album (from 7 tracks) 6-8 days


17 usd

Price for 1 track 24 hours to complete!


26 usd

Processing 5 mixed project groups (for example: bass and drum, percussion, effects, instruments, vocals)


22 usd

When ordering an album (from 7 projects) Up to 5 project groups

What is the difference between mastering and stem mastering?

speedometerMastering - is working on a mixed mix (single track). Stem mastering - is the processing of project groups (up to 5 tracks). How it works: when mixed, mixes are divided into groups (for example: bass, kick, percussion, instruments and vocals), exported and transferred to our mastering engineer. He carries out their processing, and then performs general mastering. Stem mastering allows you to intervene in more detail and work out the track more precisely.

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