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iZotope Trash (2024) – re-release of the distortion plugin with new features!

14 March , 2024

iZotope Trash

iZotope, as part of Native Instruments, have brought back everyone’s favorite Trash distortion plugin, but with a new design and new features.

Explore over 60 distortion algorithms, from subtle warmth to extreme sonic destruction. Seamlessly mix four algorithms using the XY panel to create a wide range of custom textures. The Convolve module lets you warp sound with over 600 impulse responses, including everything from classic gear to fancy sound environments.

The Envelope Follower section adds dynamic movement to distortion with a flexible envelope follower that controls both the Trash module and the new “Scream” filter. A sound randomization function has also been added to create unexpected sound combinations. To familiarize yourself with the capabilities of the plugin, iZotope gives away Trash Lite for free – this is a limited version available to every user.

iZotope Trash for PC will cost $99, the iPad version will cost $20, and the company’s existing customers may be eligible for loyalty program discounts. More details on the official website: iZotope.

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