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Tracktion 6 (T6) – Now Free!

5 September , 2017


Tracktion Corporation has announced that the award-winning Tracking 6 digital station is now free to download and use.

The DAW T6 station was released two years ago and sold for $ 60. Now it is completely free and, it is worth noting, this is not a stripped-down lite version! Developers have dominated the open source music software market since 2015 when they released Tracking 4, which outperformed all competitors and was recognized as the best free DAW program. The same thing happened when a year later the T5 also became free. Now users can enjoy Tracktion 6 (the line already has a version of Tracktion 7. We hope that in a year it will also be free).

T6 DAW is available for free on site Tracktion Corporation (32/64-bit for Windows, Mac OS and Linux).

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