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Popular plugins from iZotope

4 September , 2017

Kakiye sushchestvuyut plaginy ot iZotope

Every musician, at least once, but heard about plugins from iZotope. Their tools are very flexible in work and at one time became a breakthrough. The key feature is the work algorithms that are developed together with leading specialist Alexei Lukin. The price of products is large enough from $ 50 to $ 1,200 (for extended versions). The list includes the most popular and convenient plugins.

DDLY Dynamic Delay

DDLY Dynamic Delay

One of the cheapest plugins from iZotope. A distinctive feature of DDLY Dynamic Delay is its universal reflection. The one of a kind delay that delays the signal in different ways (depending on the nature of the sound) and does not turn it into a dirty space. Each element can respond to the desired task.

Price: 49 $


Insight izotope

If you do mixing and mastering on two computer monitors, then this visualizer is a must!

Insight is a comprehensive set of modules for visualizing changes made during mixing and mastering. Allows you to quickly identify and fix problem areas in real time. Fully customizable and scalable.

Cost: $ 699

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Iris 2

izotope Iris 2

Create musical sounds you’ve never heard before. Iris2 is a modern synthesizer with all the necessary filters. Get started with preset presets (bass, keys, leads, pads and rhythmickey). Customize them for yourself and get high-quality synthesis for your tracks! Some examples from the official iZotope page.

Price: $ 149

Nectar 2

The plugin is designed to process vocals and is an all-in-one solution. Allows you to quickly adjust and fill the vocals with effects. Under the hood modules: pitch, gate, harmony, saturation, eq, compressors, de-esser, limiter, fx, delay and reverb. This is not to say that it is suitable for all occasions (because you can only use predefined spatial processing algorithms), but it is a convenient tool with a small processor load and will be useful to many musicians.

Price: $ 299


iZotope Neutron

Neutron is the latest product from iZotope. This is a new plugin for mixing music, which has become a continuation of Ozone 7. It includes innovative processing algorithms, for which he received many awards. Thanks to the new Track Assistant and Masking Meter features, Neutron helps you quickly achieve optimal sound. Main plugin modules: Masking Meter, Track Assistant, Transient Shaper, EQ, Compressor, Exciter, Limiter. The bonus will be more than 500 preset presets.

Price: $ 249

Ozone 7

iZotope Ozone 7

Ozone 7 is one of the most popular iZotope products. It has all the necessary elements for mixing and mastering music. The extended version (Ozone Advanced), includes additional modules Vintage EQ, Vintage Compressor and Vintage Tape. Before rendering the final mix, you will have the opportunity to listen to how the track will sound in compressed formats such as MP3 and AAC. In addition, the standard and advanced versions have Maximizer, Dynamic EQ, the new Vintage Limiter, Export Formats, and more.

Price: $ 249 (Ozone 7 Advanced – $ 499)

Izotope RX 6

RX 6 is the flagship product and standard for sound recovery. Very often used when editing recordings on television and Youtube. Modules allow you to remove noise, clicks, distortions and other artifacts. The extended version of the plugin has increased functionality and will be useful for cleaning dialogs and post-production.

Price: $ 799

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Trash 2

Izotope Trash 2

The plugin contains all possible types of distortion. In addition to the main module (in which, by the way, you can adjust the wave), you will have the opportunity to compress the sound with a compressor, filter it with an equalizer and mix in the delay effect. Whether it’s a guitar or bass, add density for readability in the mix.

Price: 99 $


iZotope VocalSynth

Ready for a transformational vocal experience? Get modern distortion and wild shades with the VocalSynth plugin. Control your voice by adding electronic textures, robot sounds, computerized harmonies, vocoder and talk box effects. Everything is in the preset presets.

Price: 199 $

The entire list of products from iZotope can be viewed on the official website with a more detailed description and video examples.

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