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Acustica Audio unveils Nickel plugins and free version of Eminence

2 January , 2022

The developers of the Acustica Audio company continue to focus on emulations of rare analog equipment and this time they are releasing two new vst plug-ins at once. Nickel includes two EQs, a compressor and an entire preamp section, and the Eminence plugin is available as a free bonus.

Acustica Audio Nickel

This plugin package consists of four vst plugins that are available in both “normal” and special ZL (Zero Latency) versions. As before, these are emulations of well-known (but the developers do not call it) hardware. As with all previous products, you can use all the features, oversampling (8x, 16x), preamps, EQ curves, stereo-mono versions. Also included is a high-pass filter with a fixed setting of around 100 Hz, as well as buttons for phase reversal. Until January 18, the Nickel plugin can be purchased for 109 euros (instead of 169 euros).

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Eminence – free

It is a combination of an equalizer (with three frequency bands), a Frankenstein compressor (combines an opto-compressor and an FET limiter), and a switchable preamp section based on three hardware model preamps.

Demo version and user manual can be downloaded for free from the official website: Acustica Audio.

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