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5 best online music creation sites

7 September , 2017

5 luchshikh saytov dlya sozdaniya muzyki onlayn

As it turned out, you can now create music not only in the DAW program, but also on some online resources that are equipped with samples and loops. Of course, this will not allow you to create a full-fledged track and work it out thoroughly, but to make notes or drafts (especially on the road) is very quite!

Sounding1. Soundation.com

Sounding is a powerful online studio with professional features (such as: recording, virtual instruments / synthesizers, built-in effects and more than 700 free samples and loops). Basic features are available for free, while more advanced ones require a monthly subscription!

Audiotool2. Audiotool.com

Audiotool is a complete daw program right in your browser. Everything is implemented with great love for detail. Created tracks, samples and presets are stored on Audiotool servers and are accessible from any browser. Allows you to publish the track directly to SoundCloud, Youtube or Facebook.

Soundtrap3. Soundtrap.com

A complete program in your browser. It adapts to both PC and tablet / phone. You can create music with your friends in real time via the Internet (there is an internal top-chat of created tracks). Unlimited project creation + 780 samples and loops + 190 virtual instruments for free.

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Looplabs4. Looplabs.com

Looplabs is a collaborative cloud music studio that allows anyone, regardless of technical skills or abilities, to quickly and easily create professional music anywhere, anytime, and with anyone.

AudioSauna5. AudioSauna.com

AudioSauna turns your browser into a fast and flexible music production studio with built-in synthesizers and live effects. These are currently the best online music production platforms. It is difficult to single out the features of each site, due to the fact that they offer approximately the same functions and effects. Choose the most convenient service for creating quick notes!

2018 update:

The relevance of online services is growing and the number of available platforms is increasing. This still does not allow to do quality work purely on the side of the Internet resource, but for beginners, drafts and just “play”, they will be quite enough! +6 more sites in your collection!

PatternSketch6. PatternSketch

PatternSketch is a free online drum machine. The sequencer and drum kits give you the ability to create entire rhythmic tracks. Share your creations with friends or invite them to collaborate right from the platform. PatternSketch even lets you export your track to WAV, OGG or MP3.

Typatone7. Typatone

Type in Typatone and it will turn every letter into a beautiful sound. Switch to the tool to find what you like best. The site has many options. Open several tabs and create a polyphonic ringtone. Or even turn any text into music by copying it to Typatone. You can experiment with how your name sounds! Typatone can be used for free, but export (saving a track from the site) costs $ 1.

Text-To-Speech8. Text To Speech

Text To Speech opens up a whole new world of vocal samples for your tracks. Enter text or add the track you recorded. Then export the audio file to MP3 for free.

Text To Speech is an amazing way to make a little robotic vocals, similar to the one produced by Daft Punk. Add some effects and you get irresistible vocal distortion.

Online Sequencer9. Online Sequencer

Online Sequencer is a free sequencer right in your browser. Select one of 13 instruments and place them on the track to create a melody. If inspiration comes, then this is a great way to take a note or sketch a song. The platform allows you to export the creation as a MIDI file. Then this file can be placed in your DAW program.

Acid Machine10. Acid Machine 2

Use the platform to create an acid track directly in your browser. It is possible to export the work in WAV format. Acid Machine also has a drum machine for the rhythmic line. This version is absolutely free. If you are a professional, the new version costs $ 5.

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Autochords11. Autochords

Autochords is a very useful songwriting tool. If you need more inspiration, pick up the necessary chords on this online site. Autochords offers a sequence of chords according to the selected key and mood. Choose between a piano or a guitar.

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