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10 most popular plugins from Waves

22 May , 2017

10 samykh populyarnykh plaginov ot Waves

Recently, Waves has listed the most popular and best-selling plugins. It should be noted that, in total, there are already more than 520! And, perhaps, while this small review was being made, several more new ones came out.

Vitamin Sonic Enhancer

Vitamin Sonic Enhancer

The 10th place is taken by Vitamin Sonic Enhancer, which is a multiband harmonic enhancer. By the way, Tony Visconti spoke about him in his top earlier. This is a simple and high-quality tool that is used by many engineers when mixing music.

NLS Non-Linear Summer


This adder does not require submission. This is a plugin that has under the hood emulation of three analog consoles:

  • Spike – “magic “solid state console.
  • Mike – classic console Mike Hedges (on it are made the songs of The Cure, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Dido, Faithless, Manic Street Preachers, U2)
  • Nevo – British console Yoad Nevo (Bryan Adams, Pet Shop Boys, Sugababes, Goldfrapp, Air)

C6 Multiband Compressor

The next best selling position is the C6 Multiband Compressor. As the name implies, this is a multibrand compressor, which is a continuation of the beloved C4 compressor. Great for de-essering (eliminating sibilants) and pop-up pops.

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H-Reverb Hybrid Reverb

H-Reverb is one of the first plug-ins that used pulse technologies that transmit a soft and realistic reverb. Large selection of presets and flexible knobs will achieve the effect of any desired room.

Waves Tune Real-Time


If you want the vocalist to perform more precisely the notes, regardless of whether he is in the studio or singing on stage, you can correct his mistakes in real time. This is a great tool that can save young musicians! The only caveat – the plugin will not correct the diction or the nature of the performance. The best vocalist is the one who can sing beautifully without the help of third-party instruments.

J37 Tape


Waves and Abbey Road Studio present a tape emulator called J37 Tape, which accurately conveys the behavior of a tape recorder (60s-70s) and saturates the sound with analog noise. You get 3 saturation algorithms for a very small cost for this technology.

CLA-2A Compressor / Limiter

The compressor emulates the analogue Teletronix of the 60s, with its soft knee and excellent rich sound. It has a minimum number of control knobs, for which he fell in love with young engineers. Most often used for vocal processing.

API 2500


The third place is taken by the emulation of the compressor of the company API Audio, which has long earned the respect in the music market. It has three processing algorithms and a qualitatively transferred processing method. Of course, he will not replace his analog father for more than $ 3000, but perfectly performs his task.

Vocal Rider

In second place, a kind of automated compressor / fader, which, when working with vocals, aligns loud areas and raises quiet ones. The plugin is good, but in some cases it does not work correctly. You can adjust the volume range and speed of response.

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Grand Rhapsody Piano

grand rhapsody piano

In the first place is a plugin that came out just the other day, and received good reviews from composers and producers. This is a virtual sampled grand piano, like a recreating Italian grand piano Fazioli F228. You could hear him in the song Adele “Hello”.

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