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What is autotune vocals? (autotune, voice tuning)

18 August , 2017

Chto takoye avtotyun vokala

What is the need for Tune (tuning / auto-tuning) vocals? This question is confusing for many young performers and sometimes embarrassing. Let’s analyze what it is for, what its capabilities are and whether it is needed at all!

1. Tuning vocals – use all, without exception, performers.

When a song is performed at a concert, with live instruments or under a backing track, then a slight intonation or missing the notes will be almost imperceptible (due to the quality of the equipment or the acoustics of the room). Of course, there are singers who put the necessary equipment to adjust the performance in real time (in certain styles).

When recording (especially with high-quality mixing and mastering), such details will become more noticeable, and easy tuning of the vocal will help correct inaccuracies without artifacts obvious to the listener. Even the most experienced vocalists can’t sing perfectly. They fall into the notes, but there are semitones and this is noticeable.

2. Autotune vocals as an artistic effect.

In particular, in such styles as RnB, hip-hop and rap – autotune can be used as an effect to underline or change the melodic sending of a song. Very often such artists are introducing, whose voice capabilities are not perfect, or require classes with a teacher. Loc-Dog, whose work we hear on radio stations in Russia, takes vocal lessons and this raises the level of his creativity. He spoke about this in one of the series “Profession rapper”.

3. Autotune will make from any person a great singer!

You probably heard about the band Quest Pistols (debut in 2007 with the song “I’m tired”), which was originally heard that they could not sing (because they are dancers) and all that a person hears is vocal tuning. This is all a myth, given that the basic tuning capabilities are corrections for notes and duration.

If a person speaks into the microphone, it will be just a conversation. As if the mixing engineer did not correct the record, the result will not be comforting.

Our studio provides the service “autotune vocals” completely free of charge. When ordering information and mastering, you just need to indicate this in the attached message. But it should be borne in mind that autotune vocals are a software solution, while manual tuning of vocals is a completely creative process and allows you to more accurately correct the performance of the vocalist. Manual tuning is a paid service. The cost can be found on the page: Prices.

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