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what is a music label

What is a musical “Label” and what is it “eaten” with

16 April , 2016 | Mixing and mastering

We decided to place several blocks from our book on music labels (the full book will be available to blog subscribers). In this article we will analyze what labels are and the benefits of working with them. There are several options for decoding the concept of a label. The label at the level of companies […]

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shto takoe referensnie treki

What are reference tracks?

25 January , 2016 | Uncategorised

Many musicians, ordering mixing and mastering, specify what reference tracks are and why they are needed. Most studios, accepting projects for work, ask that several references be applied to the tracks, which will orient the sound engineer to the result that they want to get. Reference tracks are reference points. * those tracks that are […]

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5 osnovnykh tekhnik svedeniya treka

5 basic track mixing techniques

10 January , 2016 | Mixing and mastering

There are two ways to reduce the track: with strategy, and without. While the second option will be a more fun, interesting and fascinating approach – in 99% of cases everything ends with the project being re-assembled. Here are five ways you can focus and choose the right track mixing strategy. 1. The “rhythmic” approach […]

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