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What is Kontakt 5 and differences with Kontakt 5 PLAYER

14 November , 2017

Chto takoye Kontakt 5 i razlichiya s Kontakt 5 PLAYER

KONTAKT 5 is an indispensable music writing application created by Native Instruments (NI). You can put any library in the plugin. All of them are created by the method of sampling live sounds, which allows you to play and register parts of instruments all over the world. Of course, the player will not replace the full wind and string, but you will get unlimited possibilities!

KONTAKT 5 is the world’s leading software sampler. It uses a sophisticated sound engine and a full range of effects with unrivaled realism. The player is constantly evolving and is, in its way, a product of the future. After all, as we were recently informed, NI received large investments from investors for the development of their software.

The KONTAKT 5 library includes a versatile toolbox right out of the box. These are ready-to-use packages from over 1000 official libraries, including synthesizers, choirs, acoustic and orchestra instruments, drum machines and much more. After installing the sampler, you can connect the MIDI keyboard and play any parts in real time and immediately write them to your DAW program for further editing and information.

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The minor version of KONTAKT 5 PLAYER is free and is a stripped-down version of the product. The free player does not allow you to edit samples and parts, as well as access to other advanced functions, after 15 minutes of use. But you can fully play and play instrument parts. The full version of the plugin is paid and is $ 399 + $ 99 for updating to the latest version.

You can purchase the product and download it for free KONTAKT 5 PLAYER on the official website Native Instruments.

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