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SampleScience Introduces Player – Free Kontakt 5 Alternative

28 February , 2018


SampleScience introduced Player – a free virtual tool in VST and AU formats for digital workstations on PC and Mac.

SampleScience Player includes 200 tool patches, making it the largest free player available today. You can use it in your commercial music projects without worrying about copyright.

Updated: According to the product representative, “Only part of the library is publicly available. Some of the sounds were intended for use only in music production, while others were protected by CC 3.0 with attribution.”

The plugin is very simple and works well even on computers with a low level of performance. The user interface is centered around a pre-installed browser that provides easy access to 200 presets. You can choose between two different filter types (low-pass and high-pass) and four LFO forms (triangle, sine, saw, square and exponent). Speed ​​and polyphony controls are also located in this section. In the lower half of the interface are the virtual keyboard and volume controls ADSR, LFO, Cutoff, Reverb, Glide and MIDI Panic.

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In terms of sound quality, the SampleScience Player does an excellent job. It will not introduce distortions like the free version of Kontakt, and the included tools will ensure a decent character. For young musicians, this is simply a necessary plugin!

Download for free on the official website SampleScience.

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