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Black Rooster Audio – Ro-Gold (free EMT 140 style reverb)

19 September , 2022


RO-GOLD has been modeled after iconic classic hardware and enhanced with a 24K gold plate for the most luxurious vintage reverb. It captures the true tone of a solid gold plate that would cost millions of dollars to recreate in real life. This 24K platter lets you customize your own retro room sound that’s warm and soft at the same time. With just a few easy-to-use parameters, it’s never been easier to achieve authentic vintage reverb sound.

This plugin was inspired by the EMT 140 reverb and other classic plate reverbs for maximum authenticity. You can take full control of the reverb’s decay time with a physically simulated version of the classic damper knob. DSP operations are pipelined using the latest Apple Silicon and SSE2 instruction sets. This ensures high performance despite the very complex calculations of Black Rooster Audio’s plug-ins.

The user interfaces support high pixel densities on Windows and Mac OS systems for the best experience on high-resolution displays.

How to download?

Go to the Black Rooster website using the button below, register an account and activate it by email. Log in and scroll down to RO-GOLD. Press the activation button. Scroll up and grab the serial number from there. Paste your serial number into the dialog in your plugin and enjoy all the features for free.

Download RO-GOLD for free: Black Rooster Audio.

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