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How much does mixing and mastering cost?

23 September , 2018

Skol'ko stoit svedeniye i mastering

Mixing, as well as mastering of the track are the necessary stages of processing in achieving high-quality sound. Their need is caused by wide and irreplaceable production capabilities. As soon as the author records the material, at the exit from the program he receives an unbalanced, sometimes with artifacts, sound track. The further fate of this idea may die in the bud, but it can also gain a new look! When reducing the project, the sound is cleaned up frequency, placed in space (reflection, room, pan), balanced (by compression and in relation to other instruments), saturated and formed. As soon as the mixed (mixed) song gets the form in which the author presented it, the track is given for mastering. Mastering involves general adjustments that bring the track closer to commercial standards (including saturation, dynamics, frequencies, overall volume, etc.).

How much does mixing and mastering cost?

Given the complexity of these services, the price depends on many factors: lead time, workload of the studio, experience of engineers, location, style, amount of work, etc. If you take into account the minimum and maximum price, then this is from $ 10 (most often for rap style) to $ 1000 for the work of a renowned engineer on a commercial track. The price of our services, in particular for mixing, today is as follows: the minimum project, including up to 7 tracks, will cost $ 34 rubles for mixing (+ tuning two vocal tracks and mastering as a gift), the average volume of the track will be $ 59, and Complex package (up to 40 tracks) – $ 89. It is important to consider that when performing track information, we do mastering for free. It is convenient to clarify all questions of interest through an online consultant or using a direct contact form. We work with the whole world, which is undoubtedly convenient and does not affect the final sound quality.

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