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Planned price increase for new studio clients from 03/21/2020

21 March , 2020

Planovoye povysheniye tsen dlya novykh kliyentov studii ot 21.03.2020

Dear friends! We tried to keep prices from 2017, but circumstances dictate their own rules, so planned changes were made to the studio:

  • prices for mixing and mastering have been increased for new customers (for customers who ordered services before 03/20/2020, the price is fixed at the time of their first order. After receiving the project, an additional discount will be calculated). The price of the mastering itself remains the same (including the free demo). You can find it on the page: prices.
  • the deadlines for large projects (more than 21 tracks) were increased by one day.
  • free manual tuning is still available for minimal mix and mastering packages, and the cost of tuning for projects in more than 8 tracks has been reduced.
    added live recording service. You can calculate the volume and cost on the page: record tools.
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