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6 working ways to attract new clients to the recording studio

24 December , 2018

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You spent money on a lot of equipment and installed acoustics, sorted everything into rooms; now it’s time to bring people in and earn income. You can have the best gear in the world, but without customers, it’s just a showroom. Here are 6 short tips for getting people into your recording studio:

  1. Get positive feedback. Ask some clients or friends you have worked with to say or write something positive about you and your work. Nobody likes to work with newcomers, therefore, the more people are confident in your competence (not just in words), the more chances there will be to find a new customer.
  2. Be present on the Internet. It used to be enough to open a website and forget about it, but today it’s enough to blog. The more professional the better. Creating your Myspace web ID can be cheap and easy, but it can feel a little amateurish to your customers. There are many free templates for creating good websites where you can post information about the studio, clients and staff.
  3. Post your best work on your site. You sell sound, and the client wants to listen and make sure that you are a professional in your field. You can create a public Soundcloud page to host samples, or you can create your own website with samples and information.

  1. Make an attractive offer through which to try your services. Probably many will refuse to pay and take away their work, but you will give them the opportunity to listen to their work through your prism.
  2. Do not forget about advertising on various modern sites where your potential customers may be.
  3. Build trust/friendship relationships with partner companies. For example, find a great video content company and offer mutually beneficial terms. The more partners you find to develop your business, the more orders you will receive – a fact! Even competing studios can be partners, for example if you’re a specialist in rock music but keep getting requests to record hip-hop.
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