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Audified released VocalMint Saturator

25 April , 2020

Audified has introduced a new line of plug-ins starting with the one-handed VocalMint Saturator.

The Czech company proudly introduced a new line of simple plugins containing just one pen. Such a format already exists among many developers, which allows you to quickly process the source signal with one touch, or by creating automation on individual elements. VocalMint Saturator, as the name implies, is a vst tool for adding digital distortion to vocals.

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Unlike other products in the same format, Audified’s VocalMint Saturator processes the track through its virtual signal chain with several settings. Indeed, it is intelligently optimized for mixing vocals and speech, so it saturates appropriately across the entire range of the knob, which dominates the gorgeous graphical user interface (GUI). VocalMint Saturator is available for only $ 29 for a limited time (promotional code: COVID-19). The regular price is $ 79.

More details: Audified.

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