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SSL Native Essentials Package: Legendary SSL Sound For Less Than 5 Euros

29 April , 2020

SSL Native Essentials

Solid State Logic (abbreviated as: SSL) introduced the Native Essentials Bundle, a stripped-down version of their monthly subscription package. From now on, you can use the pure and accurate sound of the legendary console for less than 5 euros per month. The kit includes a channel strip and a compressor bus. These two plugins formed the sound of SSL!

The sound of the big wide world, great artists and the most famous pop and rock songs in your own studio! Previously, these tools were available in early versions at a fixed cost, but now the developers decided to continue supporting and refine the algorithms for the most accurate sound processing. The SSL channel band contains a parametric four-band equalizer and a dynamic section (compressor / expander). The plugin is not an emulation of a microphone preamp. With the equalizer, you can quickly and easily cut and change resonant and disturbing frequencies for human perception.

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Of course, there are many similar or similar imitations on the market. But since the manufacturer himself publishes this news about the embodiment of their analog devices in the form of vst plug-ins, these tools are probably the most accurate and high-quality. The SSL Native Essentials Bundle is available at the Gobbler store for $ 4.99 per month. It includes a channel strip and an SSL bus compressor. Plugins can also be purchased individually. They work on Mac OSX and Windows. On the manufacturer’s website you can get both a demo and documentation on effects.

More details: Solid State Logic.

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