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The best VST plugins for vocals processing in 2018!

17 August , 2018

If you do not create fusion jazz, orchestral or any other instrumental music, then the vocals should be in the spotlight. This means that if your vocals sound bad – the whole project will be so perceived. There are many plugins available that can tune, correct, polish, and adjust vocal tracks to perfection. In this article we will pick up some of the best VSTs for vocals.

Antares Auto-Tune Pro

Antares Auto-Tune ProIt’s impossible to make a list without highlighting Antares Auto-Tune – this is arguably the most famous vocal plugin in the world. Even those who know nothing about audio engineering have heard of him. Its latest integration Auto-Tune Pro takes as a basis all that you liked in previous versions, and packs it in a smooth and convenient interface. Despite its ease of use, it is loaded with great features. Auto-Key automatically determines the key and scale of your project. Classic mode provides the popular Auto-Tune 5 sound. You also get Audio Random Access support for tight integration with your DAW and real-time control via a MIDI controller.

Celemony Melodyne 4

MelodyneWhen it comes to manually adjusting vocal tones, the Melodyne Celemony is the other best horse in the industry. In addition to the standard level settings, Melodyne can also access notes inside the polyphonic material to correct the sound chained to chords. Using Melodyne, you can adjust the vocal quartet along with guitars, pianos and other instruments (such technologies are not implemented anywhere else). Since version 4, the plugin is the main studio tool.

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iZotope VocalSynth 2

iZotope VocalSynthLooking for a cool vocal effect? You will definitely enjoy VocalSynth from iZotope. This comprehensive studio toolkit is loaded with five powerful vocal models that will surely provide your voices with one of a kind sound. The second version of this vocal plugin boasts more power, a redesigned interface and better processor optimization. You also get an arsenal of vocal effects in the style of stompbox, three flexible operating modes and cross-platform communication with Neutron, Ozone, TonalBalanceControl from iZotope and much more. In addition to VocalSynth, you can consider other products of the company, which in conjunction will give unlimited possibilities of mixing and mastering music.

Synchro Arts Revoice Pro 3

Revoice ProIf you are doing ADR, you need Synchro Arts Revoice Pro. Seriously, this will make your job a lot easier. This indispensable plugin can actually customize the voice dialogue using the dialog editor. Revoice Pro is also great for dragging out background vocals or instrumental tracks. In addition, you can create realistic double tracks with absolute control over time and pitch correction. In addition, Revoice Pro automatically aligns and tunes existing dual tracks and ADRs. The third version is mandatory for music producers and post-production.

FabFilter Pro-DS

FabFilter Pro-DSSssss. This is an annoying hissing sound. If you do not pass vocals through the processor, then most likely the sibilants will decently stand out from the rest of the instruments. That’s why every studio needs a quality de-esser such as FabFilter Pro-DS. This plugin provides high accuracy and suppresses whistling quite transparently. In addition, its Allround mode is great for high-frequency limiting of any material, even percussion or full mixes. You also get broadband or linear-phase processing with a divided range, switchable appearance up to 15 ms, adjustable stereo linking with additional processing only in the middle or on the sides and up to four times oversampling with linear phase. And everything is laid out in a simplified, user-friendly interface.

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Reverb Foundry HD Cart

Reverb Foundry HD CartReverb when processing vocals is necessary to add depth and space. Reverb Foundry’s HD Cart is modeled on one of the most sought-after legendary reverb hardware ever made. The original block is probably the best reverb sound in history, and its Surround / HD Reverb cartridge contains a single algorithm that allows you to fully utilize the capabilities of two-component DSP cards. And now, thanks to Reverb Foundry, this famous algorithm can be yours. The HD Cart includes quad, 5.0 surround and high-density stereo modes, and it accurately reflects the sound of the original reverb. It is a rich, dense reverb, unlike any other.

Waves Vocal Bundle

Waves VocalIf you’re looking for an all-in-one solution that provides classic processing solutions, take a look at Waves VocalBundle. This comprehensive kit includes everything you need to polish your voice. Tune provides superior sound pitch correction and ringtone conversion, while DeBreath removes unwanted breath sounds. RenaissanceChannel is a virtual channel strip that gives you equalizer, compression and limiter in one module. This kit also contains Renaissance DeEsser for removing sibilants, Doubler for expanding and creating backing vocals, and RenaissanceAxx for simplified compression with simple control knobs. Tired of writing automation? use vocal rider. This ingenious plugin keeps dynamics and evens out peak values.

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TOP 7 best plugins and programs for cleaning sound from noise

18 April , 2018

Sound recovery plugins are tools you theoretically will never need. In the end, we all record audio at the right level, and in almost perfectly isolated rooms. But in the real world there are various types of signals (dictaphone, cassette, vinyl …) that cannot be cleaned with a regular gate, equalizer or compressor. Even small background noises, when maximized, will be noticeable and annoying. In this list, we highlight 7 powerful programs for cleaning and restoring audio. Some of them are autonomous, while some exist in VST formats.

iZotope RX 6

It is a reliable and frequent choice among professionals around the world. RX builds on years of extensive research in advanced digital processing and machine learning. The sixth version has on board the maximum technology with many presets and algorithms for each type of signal.

The RX6 is moving towards a cleanup that once seemed impossible. Today it is one of the most advanced tools, and there is an opinion that if it does not cope with recovery, then other plugins are even more so.

Last April, iZotope released Standard and Advanced versions, and also added a new RXElements product, which replaced the Plugin Pack and includes the RX6 Standalone Editor application, as well as plugins that were in the RX package. iZotope was able to stir technology, and now you can eliminate microphone noise, wind, dialogs, and much more.

Prices: $ 129 – $ 1,199. You can learn more on the site iZotope.

Todd-AO Absentia 

Todd-AO Absentia 

Todd-AO released Absentia DX with an algorithm that is designed to analyze dialogue entries, and then eliminate buzz, clicks and third-party artifacts, while maintaining the integrity of the human voice. Absentia DX is a completely different approach to cleaning audio.

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The first difference is that it is a standalone application, not a plug-in for a DAW program. You can simply drag and drop files / folders, and the program will process the audio in accordance with the selected settings. Another key feature is that the application does not change metadata, which is great news for Pro Tools users. It is a smart batch processing tool with easy and complex presets.

The price is amazing and is only 49 $. More details on the site Todd-AO.

Accusonus ERA Range

Accusonus ERA RangeAccusonus has 3 audio recovery tools in its range.

  • ERA-D is aimed at post-production professionals and dialogue editors who need a quick fix. It is based on two tasks: suppressing noise and eliminating the room (reverb).
  • ERA-N Denoise – thanks to it, the user can reduce or completely remove unwanted background sounds from fans, air conditioners, or other similar signal types.
  • ERA-R Dereverberation – Accosonus claim to be the only plug-in on the market that can remove excessive room with a single button.

Thus, in your hands there will be three necessary plug-ins for basic problem tasks. Works on Mac and Windows. The prices for each module are different, you can find out in more detail on the Accusonus ERA website.

Acon Digital – Restoration Suite

Acon Digital Restoration SuiteIt consists of four sound recovery tools: DeNoise, DeHum, DeClick and DeClip. Version 1.7 added support for multi-channel formats such as 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound, as well as support for the VST3 plug-in standard.

  • DeNoise is a plugin designed to reduce stationary noise. Great efforts were aimed at maintaining the original signal and its maximum readability.
  • DeHum eliminates hum and noise, which is poorly noticeable in the recording (located at medium and low frequencies).
  • DeClick is designed to remove impulsive unwanted sounds, such as: clicks, pops, explosions and bumps.
  • DeClip restores sound recordings distorted by analog or digital compression.

The Restoration Suite is available for both Windows and OS X (Macintosh) for $ 99.90. More details on the site Acon Digital.

Klevgr. Busfri

Klevgr BusfriBrusfri is a relatively new noise reduction plugin designed with a simple and straightforward interface. It is very suitable for cleaning and does not interfere with the phase of the sound during suppression. The method of studying unwanted audio is similar to the product from iZotope and involves studying it (by holding down the LEARN button for a few seconds), and then eliminating the noise. Its tasks are absolutely standard and similar to its predecessors.

The product is available with all operating systems and is priced at $ 59.

Sonnox Restore

Sonnox Restore

Sonnox Restore is a set of three plugins designed to restore sound from a well-known company. These are advanced algorithms and new functions that allow you to quickly and extremely efficiently remove stamping, clicks, cracks, scratches, hum and background noise from almost any recording without damaging the important “desired” audio content.

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DeClicker has a dialogue mode and an “exception field” to save the desired audio; DeBuzzer has 3 frequency ranges and real-time tracking for problematic frequency frequencies, while DeNoiser with independent De-hisser offers powerful broadband noise reduction.

At the moment, tools are only available for Mac OS at a price of $ 465 for the entire package.

Cedar Studio 7

Cedar Studio7

Cedar Studio 7 is offered as a set of plug-ins AAX and VST for Mac and PC, as well as its standalone version of “Retouch 7”. All of them are aimed at eliminating problems and significantly improving the quality of the source. Each Studio7 process has been dedicated and refined with the award-winning flagship CEDAR Cambridge and delivers results without fuss and user intervention.

The package includes such modules as: Auto Dehiss (noise removal), Debuzz (clearing the entire spectrum from the hum), Declick (impulsive detection of artifacts and their invisible correction), Declip (reduces clipping), Decrackle (takes out a damaged signal) and DNS One ( modern standard created on the basis of the progenitors DNS1000, DNS1500, DNS2000 and DNS3000).

Other equally important plugins and modules are available in the package. These are very expensive products, each of which costs $ 2900 (DNS One – $ 3800). The price of the whole set: $ 11,000.

If difficulties arise, contact our studio, we will do our best so that you get a readable and acceptable sound. Of course, it is worth considering that an extremely spoiled record will not sound like a studio one, but we are able to remove artifacts and clear noises on a professional level!

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5 best online music creation sites

7 September , 2017

As it turned out, you can now create music not only in the DAW program, but also on some online resources that are equipped with samples and loops. Of course, this will not allow you to create a full-fledged track and work it out thoroughly, but to make notes or drafts (especially on the road) is very quite!

Sounding1. Soundation.com

Sounding is a powerful online studio with professional features (such as: recording, virtual instruments / synthesizers, built-in effects and more than 700 free samples and loops). Basic features are available for free, while more advanced ones require a monthly subscription!

Audiotool2. Audiotool.com

Audiotool is a complete daw program right in your browser. Everything is implemented with great love for detail. Created tracks, samples and presets are stored on Audiotool servers and are accessible from any browser. Allows you to publish the track directly to SoundCloud, Youtube or Facebook.

Soundtrap3. Soundtrap.com

A complete program in your browser. It adapts to both PC and tablet / phone. You can create music with your friends in real time via the Internet (there is an internal top-chat of created tracks). Unlimited project creation + 780 samples and loops + 190 virtual instruments for free.

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Looplabs4. Looplabs.com

Looplabs is a collaborative cloud music studio that allows anyone, regardless of technical skills or abilities, to quickly and easily create professional music anywhere, anytime, and with anyone.

AudioSauna5. AudioSauna.com

AudioSauna turns your browser into a fast and flexible music production studio with built-in synthesizers and live effects. These are currently the best online music production platforms. It is difficult to single out the features of each site, due to the fact that they offer approximately the same functions and effects. Choose the most convenient service for creating quick notes!

2018 update:

The relevance of online services is growing and the number of available platforms is increasing. This still does not allow to do quality work purely on the side of the Internet resource, but for beginners, drafts and just “play”, they will be quite enough! +6 more sites in your collection!

PatternSketch6. PatternSketch

PatternSketch is a free online drum machine. The sequencer and drum kits give you the ability to create entire rhythmic tracks. Share your creations with friends or invite them to collaborate right from the platform. PatternSketch even lets you export your track to WAV, OGG or MP3.

Typatone7. Typatone

Type in Typatone and it will turn every letter into a beautiful sound. Switch to the tool to find what you like best. The site has many options. Open several tabs and create a polyphonic ringtone. Or even turn any text into music by copying it to Typatone. You can experiment with how your name sounds! Typatone can be used for free, but export (saving a track from the site) costs $ 1.

Text-To-Speech8. Text To Speech

Text To Speech opens up a whole new world of vocal samples for your tracks. Enter text or add the track you recorded. Then export the audio file to MP3 for free.

Text To Speech is an amazing way to make a little robotic vocals, similar to the one produced by Daft Punk. Add some effects and you get irresistible vocal distortion.

Online Sequencer9. Online Sequencer

Online Sequencer is a free sequencer right in your browser. Select one of 13 instruments and place them on the track to create a melody. If inspiration comes, then this is a great way to take a note or sketch a song. The platform allows you to export the creation as a MIDI file. Then this file can be placed in your DAW program.

Acid Machine10. Acid Machine 2

Use the platform to create an acid track directly in your browser. It is possible to export the work in WAV format. Acid Machine also has a drum machine for the rhythmic line. This version is absolutely free. If you are a professional, the new version costs $ 5.

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Autochords11. Autochords

Autochords is a very useful songwriting tool. If you need more inspiration, pick up the necessary chords on this online site. Autochords offers a sequence of chords according to the selected key and mood. Choose between a piano or a guitar.

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5 plugins to make your vocals brilliant!

20 October , 2016

Making vocals perfect is difficult, but there are plugins to help you get a more transparent and balanced sound. We selected the 5 best ones for clarification and correction of vocals.

1. iZotope Nectar 2

iZotope Nectar 2Nectar 2 is a vocal processing station with built-in presets and a convenient audio interface. In addition to classical instruments, such as de-essing, gate, compressor and equalizer, which form the main vocal processing, it can also mix reverb, saturation, delay and much more.

Web site: Nectar 2

2. Revoice Pro

Revoice ProAlmost all leading producers use Revoice Pro to quickly and accurately adjust pitch, duration and balance of voice and instruments. This plugin includes many features that are simply indispensable for mixing both solo parts and backing vocals.

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Web site: Revoice Pro

3. Celemony Melodyne

MelodyneCelemony was one of the first companies to create a track editing program in a flexible way that works well for vocals and live instruments. This is perhaps the most comprehensive tool ever created for editing. Naturally, this program does not work miracles, and as before, it is important for the vocalists to sing as well as possible in order to fix it painlessly.

Web site: Melodyne 4

4. Waves Vocal

Waves Vocal

This is not a plugin, but a bundle that Waves often provides at a discount. This kit includes cool plugins for processing vocals, such as: DeBreath, Doubler, Renaissance Axx, Renaissance Channel, Renaissance DeEsser and Waves Tune. There is everything in order to edit the notes in height, remove the whistles and saturate properly.

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If you want to process vocals professionally, this plugin package will meet all your expectations.

Web site: Waves Vocal

5. iZotope RX5 Audio Editor

iZotope RX5 Audio EditorAnother plugin from Izotope to highlight. This time it is a highly specialized audio editor for cleaning and improving recording. Using graphical tools, you can identify a problem area and eliminate it as harmlessly as possible. It could be an explosive sound, a car signal in the background, or something else that is difficult to remove using standard methods. Here you can suppress “internal” sounds and unpleasant artifacts. This plugin is suitable for those who are involved in the processing of recorded materials, such as seminars, video reviews and TV shows.

Web site: iZotope RX5 Audio Editor

Having trouble editing vocals or mixing and mastering your composition? Order these services in our studio, and we will do our best so that you get the best quality!

Об авторе: mix-master

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