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Slate Digital Unveils Virtual Mix Rack 2.0

20 April , 2018

Slate Digital Virtual Mix Rack

It seemed that the development of modules had stopped, but it wasn’t there! The Slate Digital team has just announced a free update to Virtual Mix Rack 2.0.

Virtual Mix Rack 2.0 adds a number of settings to the already very popular sound processing system. The main feature is what is called “Dream Strips,” a quick and easy way to populate your VMR from the moment it opens.

Dream Strips are 8 fully customizable configurations that appear as buttons placed just above the VMR rack. The leftmost is the default value, it will load automatically when using the plug-in in your DAW program. Using drag and drop, the order of the keys and settings can be changed and adjusted to your taste. You will also be available 7 factory kits offered by the developers.

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In addition, a new Clear button has been added to instantly clear all modules. The Undo and Redo buttons are located next to the Slate logo, so if you make a mistake or something goes wrong, you can roll back to previous changes. Changes were also added directly to the modules themselves, some of them (for example Vintage EQ) received a more vintage sound (with minimal noise).

The last big feature is the new Over Sampling option. This is especially useful if you work at low sample rates. However, there is a downside – Over Sampling increases the delay and load on the computer, so use it only when it is absolutely necessary. The best part about this update is that it is available for free to all existing users of Slate Digital plugins.

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