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What is a rack stand in music?

19 May , 2018

Chto takoye rekovaya stoyka

A rack is a metal structure designed to secure technical equipment (applicable to studio devices, routers, stations, etc.). Its dimensions are standardized and are 482.6 mm wide (19 “inches) and 600/800/900 mm in depth. Sometimes the width can be 23 and 10 inches.

If we look at the example of a recording studio, then in the rack you can fix specialized equipment (compressors, equalizers, preamps, sound cards, reverbs, etc.) in a case called “Rackmount” (it has a width of 17.75 inches and two mounts on the sides for tight fixation). At the moment, there are floor and table rack racks (mounted on the desktop).

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  • Cords and batteries are located on the back, and do not interfere with the engineer / client.
  • Visible front panel provides quick setup and visual display.
  • The equipment does not overheat because it does not come into contact with each other.
  • The rack can be deployed and disassembled, which is convenient in transportation.

P.S. Some manufacturers (for example, MOTU, from Cambridge, Mass.) Create products in half the specified standard and apply elements for fixing. Thus, two devices can be placed in full width (for example, a preamplifier and a sound card).

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