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Blue Cat Audio released Re-Head

25 May , 2020

Blue Cat Audio Re-Head

Listening to headphones gives a completely different experience compared to working through studio monitors. In addition, prolonged use of the headphones can be tedious. Blue Cat Audio is trying to solve this problem with the Re-Head plugin.

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Re-Head uses a unique technology that simulates the movement of the head to the sound coming from studio monitors. To create an acoustic space, Re-Head also uses stereo processing to avoid hard panning of the sound associated with listening with headphones, a spectrum analyzer, an equalizer, and you can even add a representation of the impulse response of your own mixer. The plugin creates a complete sense of the space of work on studio monitors. You can pre-position the height of the intended speakers and the width of the stereo field.

You can download the free demo version, as well as purchase Re-Head for $ 49, on the official website: Blue Cat Audio.

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