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FabFilter released Saturn 2. What’s new?

25 May , 2020

saturn 2 fabfilter

The first version of the Saturn saturator from FabFilter, was released eight years ago. The developers reassembled the second version, redesigned the interface, expanded the capabilities and increased the number of presets to 28.

The first thing that catches your eye is the redesigned color scheme, which is now in dark red color, which is much more pleasant for the eyes to perceive during prolonged use. The window size can now be changed (which was almost impossible in the first version). Saturn 2 has increased the number of distortion types from 16 to 28. Four new British and American amplifiers perfectly imitate the character of well-known analog devices. The new Superb High Quality mode switches the plugin to 32x oversampling for perfect transients.

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At the moment, Saturn 2 is sold in the Total Bundle bundle for $ 859, or as a separate tool for $ 129. A free demo version is available for review, which can be used without restrictions for 30 days.

More details: FabFilter.

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