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Kanye West releases Donda Stem Player for remixing

2 September , 2021

American multimillionaire, rapper and music producer Kanye West has something very special for the release of his new album, Donda. For just $ 200, you can use specially designed hardware to modify, remix, highlight individual tracks, add effects, and create entirely new tracks. And, according to developer Kano, it will become some kind of child’s play for adults. Even though it looks more like an expensive publicity stunt, it is safe to say that this toy is really not simple. The demo video shows its specifics and impressive performance.

Kanye West Donda Stem Player

Over the past few weeks, the rapper has been trying to make one press release after another about the release of his new album, Donda. This is definitely “normal” and important in these circles to achieve the desired (or desired) sales and streaming performance. But for us it is worth paying attention to the new equipment that Kanye now presents with his record. The Donda Stem Player is a palm-sized rubber instrument made of silicone that contains the artist’s complete album.

But these are not all of its features. This “thing” can do much more. Album saves stereo tracks on the player and stores files as group tracks. So you can mute vocals, drums and melodies with the four touch-sensitive LED display faders on the unit and change the volume in real time. In addition, you can set loops, change the playback speed of individual tracks (forward and backward), add effects and much more. The ability to stream your own sounds and loops to the Donda Stem Player via USB-C is another really cool feature. Here you have 8 GB of memory available. So, not only fans can take advantage of this miracle.

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You can play music through the built-in speaker, headphones, or Bluetooth (the huge advantage is that you can do this at the same time). The hardware also responds to movement of control functions. Overall a great idea and a good move from Kanye. We will definitely hear and see on the Internet several remixes of his songs. But it is doubtful that the rather high price of such a tool will induce fans to buy it.

Price and release date

Kanye West’s Donda Stem Player is already available on the rapper’s website for $ 200. This device was developed and manufactured in collaboration with Kano.

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