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Behringer STUDIO XL: analogue of Big Knob Studio with Midas preamps

28 August , 2021

It was clear that after STUDIO M and STUDIO L, Behringer would release their third and possibly final monitor controller based on the Mackie Big Knob. The STUDIO XL bears a superficial resemblance to the Big Knob Studio and offers the same features and amps from Midas. What else do they have in common and what is the cost?

Behringer STUDIO XL

Manufacturers focus on a combination of monitor controllers, volume controls, and audio interfaces with a built-in talkback microphone, and various routing options.

The USB 2×4 panel offers resolution up to 192 kHz and 24 bit, the two combo inputs are again equipped with amplifiers from Midas and have + 48V phantom power. There are also four additional jack inputs, plus two more for the aux-mix input, which can also be routed to the cue-bus. Like the STUDIO M, there is a 3.5mm stereo line-in for smartphones or media players, as well as two individually adjustable headphone outputs on the front with a 2-channel output for connection to a mixer. You can also connect three pairs of monitors to the rear panel.

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In addition to the built-in Talback, the XLR input gives you the ability to connect an external talkback microphone. There is also a footswitch jack (on / off). With two buttons, you send the Talback signal to either the 2-track output or the Cue-Bus. Under the “big knob” of the VCA volume control, you will find buttons to mute and reduce the sound to 20dB, as well as a brightness switch.

Availability and price

The Behringer STUDIO XL will go on sale soon, with a pre-listed manufacturer’s price of $ 249, which brings us back to the price comparison. You can currently purchase the Mackie Big Knob Studio for € 269. The price difference between Behringer clones and its counterparts for some products is not that great.

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