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GUITAR RIG 5 – the best plugin for guitarists

17 November , 2017

GUITAR RIG 5 — luchshiy plagin dlya gitaristov

GUITAR RIG 5 is a guitar playing and recording tool with customizable modules and effects. It is one of the best plug-ins for guitarists from Native Instruments.

GUITAR RIG 5 is a powerful host with many modules for cleaning sound from noise and distortion, as well as with customizable effects. Consider the main features of the NI product.

DISTORTION and OVERDRIVE: 11 modules with various distortions and overloads for the guitar. These components are exact reproductions of classic hardware devices and they sound just like the originals.

REVERB AND DELAY: The company has been especially careful to ensure the best selection of reflections and reverbs. Based on NI’s award-winning NI algorithms, these blocks add the right space and concert venue distance for your guitar. In the factory presets, you can find ready-made solutions for quick settings.

MODULATION: These beautifully modeled effects can add movement and vintage vibrations from a twisted 70 second phaser to unstable synthesizer sounds. Create new guitars with GUITAR RIG.

FILTERS: Filtering is one of the most powerful stages of sound processing. GUITAR RIG 5 PRO offers some great tools for this. Choose from an impressive range of filter-based effects, from wah-wah to equalizers.

LEVELS AND DYNAMICS: Manage sound levels with an excellent collection of compressors, limiters and noise suppressors. Strengthen the effect of “overload”, as well as adjust the overall balance of the guitar.

MULTI-EFFECTS: Container Module is a utility for creating multi-effects and custom channels. Assemble your processing chain, then assign eight controls to any of the effects in the chain. Master FX allows you to save effects when switching between presets. This will remain at the end of your signal chain, no matter what happens in front of it.

SPLITTERS: Split module allows you to create parallel chains of effects. Divide the sound in half, process each stream with different effects, and then combine the results at the end. Crossover Mix splits the signal into high and low frequencies. This allows you to apply effects only to high frequencies, leaving low frequencies intact as a solid foundation for sound.

LOOP MACHINE: Record the reef and turn on its repetitions. This is convenient when creating the main melodic part and when creating complex vocal harmonies. Sync the Loop Machine to the tempo of your sequencer and export the full loop or its individual layers.

TUNER AND METRON: In addition to simple and precise tuning, the tuner offers presets for common tunings such as Chromatic, Bass, Open D / E / G / A and DADGAD. Cent mode and Strobe mode provide two different visual pointers, and Mute mode allows you to tune silently. The metronome is not only designed to save time – it also serves to synchronize all rack modules, such as modulation and delay effects. Easily adjustable and with many useful features.

In addition to all this, GUITAR RIG 5 has 27 cabinets and a CONTROL ROOM section. CONTROL ROOM performs the function of setting the distance of the cabinet to the microphone, location, room, number of input and output signals. Over the years, Native Instruments’ GUITAR RIG 5 has become an indispensable plugin for guitarists.

Download GUITAR RIG PLAYER for free and purchase the full version on official website NI.

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