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The best sequencers for phones and tablets

29 November , 2017

Luchshiye sekvensory dlya telefonov i planshetov

Mobile devices are becoming more accessible and allow you to be in touch at any time. If you are a creative person, and do not always have the opportunity to bring a laptop with you, then we have selected applications for phones and tablets that will definitely come in handy! Many of them include many functions for creating music (at the functional level of the DAW program), but they only work on Android and iOS.

Audio Evolution Mobile StudioAudio Evolution Mobile Studio

The application is available for Android and iOS. For a small cost, you get an easy-to-use audio editor. Add an unlimited number of audio tracks (as much as the memory of your device allows). Implemented a large number of tools to help you fully edit music. For each track, volume control, effects and equalizer are available. This is a full DAW program and the most powerful mobile editor at the moment.

More details: Audio Evolution Mobile Studio

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Cubasis 2 MobileCubasis 2

As you might guess from the name, Cubasis 2 is a portable variant of Cubase from Steinberg.

Cubasis 2 is one of the most powerful audio and MIDI sequencers for the iPad. It impresses with high sound quality, professional equipment, as well as wide import and export functions. The mobile version is approaching a full-fledged sequencer. As it was recently announced, Wave joins the development and adapts its plugins for Cubasis 2. Get full synchronization and project support! IOS only.

More details: Cubasis 2

FL Studio Mobile 3FL Studio Mobile 3

If you are wondering if there is FL Studio for mobile devices, then … there is already a third version!

The most popular beatmaker software, and more, is available on Android and iOS. Want to make music right on your tablet? Download FL Studio Mobile and get advanced functionality, high-quality instruments, effects and project synchronization of a full-fledged program. Great DAW for writing electronic music.

More details: FL Studio Mobile

n-Track Studio Pro Dawn-Track Studio Pro

The multi-track audio recorder n-Track Studio Pro will convince you with the number of tracks, thoughtful functions and an intuitive interface. Particularly successfully implemented automation effects! In addition, the application has tools for processing vocals and filling it with space. The integrated Songtree app allows you to create music online in collaboration with other manufacturers. You can create music together, or make edits to other people’s projects. A lot of creativity and fun!

More details: n-Track Studio

G-Stomper Studio DAWG-Stomper Studio

G-Stomper is a synthesizer and polyphonic sequencer sampler. A virtual keyboard is available for the game, and the effects section will take care of the processing. Groovebox includes VA-Synthesizer, Piano-Roll-Editor, Mixer and Effect-Rack. The program will be useful to manufacturers of electronic styles. Its highlight is a very flexible synthesizer. Only for Android.

More details: G-Stomper Studio

Auria PRO DAWAuria PRO

The Auria PRO application has unlimited audio tracks and allows you to simultaneously record up to 24 channels. Each strip of the virtual mixer has four slots for effects. All processors were developed by such well-known manufacturers as PSP, FabFilter, Overloud and Drumagog. The program has the opportunity to purchase additional instruments and drum kits. An excellent mobile platform for working on iOS with live recordings.

More details: Auria PRO

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Meteor DAWMeteor

Meteor offers up to 16 tracks (expandable up to 32 with In-App), advanced MIDI functions and a powerful mixer. Editor features include copying, slicing, pasting, cleaning, normalizing, tempo offset, and more!

In addition, on board there are high-quality virtual instruments and effects (delay, chorus, flanger, reverb, graphic equalizer, tone amplifier, compressor and saturator), as well as extensive export functions.

More details: Meteor (the site does not work, the support of this application may be suspended).

Telegram 2

Garageband DAWGarageband

Apple’s classical music software has now become a powerful sound and MIDI sequencer with 32 tracks, high-quality instruments and effects.

Thanks to the Live Loops feature, you can flatten and match looped loops in real time. In addition, you can connect to a live instrument and then record it into a mix. Create music with Garageband wherever you are, adding notes for easy editing.

More details: Garageband

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