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iZotope RX 8 for sound restoration. What’s new?

4 September , 2020

iZotope RX 8

IZotope announced the availability of version 8 of its complete suite of sound restoration tools. RX 8 comes with new tools and improved modules to help you achieve more results in less time. The package is not easy and will require good resources to work.

The RX plug-in series is designed for point-to-point interaction with distorted, damaged, deliberately tainted material. The toolkit has proven to be the best product available today.

What’s new:

The update includes a new Spectral Recovery for recovering discarded speech frequencies from compressed file formats and live broadcasts, Guitar De-noise for squeak control (removing background, phase and hum from guitar recordings), Music Rebalance for splitting and mixing stems and much more.

  • Spectral Recovery – Recovers frequencies above 4 kHz, converting bandwidth-limited audio into crisp recordings.
  • Wow & Flutter – Corrects pitch variations and fluctuations commonly found on tape and vinyl.
  • Loudness Control – instantly adjust the levels of individual groups (instruments) of the track being corrected.
  • Guitar De-noise – Enhances your guitar recordings for maximum clarity.
  • Batch Processor – Process multiple files in one go, view relevant metadata in audio, then use the full series of processors with ModuleChain.
  • Music Rebalance – Users can easily resuscitate a mix, make room for voices, remove or isolate vocals for remixing, or even create and export new stems for further processing and mixing.
  • De-Hum – improved voice algorithms and redesigned interface.

RX 8 ships in Elements, Standard and Advanced editions at a discount until October 15, 2020 (from $ 99). Updates / cross-versions are also available with up to 50% discount.

You can download a free demo version, as well as learn more about it, on the official website: iZotope.

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