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RØDE VideoMic GO II microphone review

2 June , 2022


RØDE’s microphone promises professional broadcast quality and is designed for use in mobile environments (phones, recorders and photo/camcorders). With a length of only 120 millimeters and a weight of 89 grams, it is clear why we are dealing with a lightweight that deserves the nickname “GO”. It’s perfect for travel as it can be stowed away to save space and can also be installed quickly into equipment.

Transmission Principle The VideoMic GO II belongs to the category of electret condenser microphones and offers a super-cardioid pickup pattern. Due to the design of the housing, we are dealing with a directional microphone. The microphone has a low self-noise (15 dBA) and can withstand a maximum sound pressure level of 110 dB SPL with a frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz.

It requires software to work, which RØDE fortunately provides for free. The RØDE CONNECT software runs on Windows and Mac. It is a standalone DAW and suitable for podcasts and live streaming. If you want to use the VideoMic GO II in another DAW, you will need to install the RØDE CENTRAL software to set up the microphone itself.

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Sound quality

The analog recording quality is surprisingly good. If you point the microphone at the selected sound source, it will pick it up perfectly. Background noise, side or rear sound is almost not registered. Recordings sound rich and carry a special warmth. Also, voice recordings look crisp and not overly harsh. When using the windscreen outdoors, it is highly recommended to use “High Frequency Boost”. This counteracts high frequency damping.

In addition, the microphone is extremely quiet and operates without distortion at sound pressure levels up to 110 dB. In louder environments, the PAD circuitry creates an additional 20 dB of headroom without adding any noticeable noise. It responds in a balanced way to conversations and is therefore excellent for recording interviews. If you are the owner of the first model of this microphone and the budget does not constrain your movements, it may be worth upgrading to VideoMic GO II, but there will not be a significant difference between them.

The recommended price for RØDE VideoMic GO II is $99.

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