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Is there professional deformation among creative professions?

19 March , 2023

Sushchestvuyet li professional'naya deformatsiya sredi tvorcheskikh professiy

Creative professions such as actors, musicians, dancers and others often attract the attention of people who are interested in art and culture. At the same time, these professions can also become a source of some professional deformations. In this article, we will look at whether professional deformation exists among creative professions and how it can affect the lives and careers of creators.

Professional deformation is a change in the personality or behavior of a person that occurs as a result of his professional activity. This can be caused by a variety of factors such as having to do the same job over and over again, strict job requirements, and constant stress. In the case of creative professions, professional deformation can manifest itself in various forms.

One of the forms of professional deformation in creative professions is “identification with the role.” This means that the professional artist begins to identify with the role he is playing or with the musical genre he is involved in. For example, an actor may begin to act like the character they are playing on stage or screen, or a musician may begin to consider their genre of music a true lifestyle. This can lead to the fact that a professional creator begins to experience difficulties in separating his professional role from his personality.

Another form of professional deformation in creative professions is “tunnel thinking”. This happens when a professional creator focuses only on their professional activities and loses sight of other aspects of life. For example, a musician may become completely immersed in their music and forget about their personal relationships or health. This can lead to a deterioration in the quality of life of a professional creator and can lead to problems in personal life and relationships.

The third form of professional deformation in creative professions is “egocentrism”. This happens when a professional creator begins to consider himself the center of the whole process and asserts his point of view, ignoring the opinions and ideas of other people. For example, a director may reject an actor’s idea because it doesn’t match his vision, ignoring the actor’s creative input. This can lead to dissatisfied colleagues and conflicts in the workplace.

Although professional deformation can negatively affect the life of a professional artist, it can also have positive aspects. For example, identifying with a role can help an actor better understand the character and create a deeper and more believable performance. Tunnel thinking can help a musician or artist focus on their creativity and achieve greater success. Egocentricity can help a professional artist maintain their creative vision and create unique work.

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However, occupational deformity can be dangerous and lead to serious problems such as mental disorders, disruption of relationships in the workplace, and even career termination. Therefore, professional creators should be attentive to their behavior and take measures to prevent professional deformation. One of the ways to prevent professional deformation is to find a balance between professional activities and personal life. Professional creators must pay attention to their personal interests and hobbies in order to avoid tunnel thinking and maintain balance in life. It’s also important that professional creators be open to other people’s idea directions and opinions, especially when working collaboratively. They must remember that co-creation requires respect and recognition of the contribution of each participant.

Creators can avoid professional deformation by participating in psychological support and training. For example, psychological support can help them cope with emotional tension and stress, and communication and leadership training can help develop cooperation and conflict management skills.

Professional deformation can be inherent in creative professions, and it can negatively affect the life of the creator and his environment. However, it can also have positive aspects. Creators should consider the potential risks of professional deformation and take steps to prevent it, such as balancing work and personal life, being open to other people’s ideas and opinions, and participating in psychological support and training.

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