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8 best DAW controllers for home studio

28 October , 2017

8 luchshikh DAW kontrollerov dlya domashney studii

You probably thought that it would be nice to twist the remote control and feel the music with your hands. Large mixing consoles are extremely expensive (and it’s not so easy to transport them when traveling). There is an alternative … We have selected for you the 8 best DAW controllers so that you can look for the perfect option!

1. Presonus Fader Port

Presonus FaderPort

The most common problem of home studios is the table is too small, on which it is difficult to place many necessary elements. The most compact and affordable option to date is the Fader Port. The most frequently asked question:

– Will there be many faders for work?

You can use the channel switch button and control the tracks. Yes, this is not a very convenient, but affordable option. Fader Port (and almost all controllers these days) is compatible with both platforms and major DAW music programs. In the next couple of months, Presonus will introduce an expanded version of the FaderPort 16 controller. Price: $ 130.

2. Korg nanoKONTROL2

Korg nanoKONTROL2

This is the cheapest music controller on this list. Despite its small size, it includes 8 faders. Ideally interacts with sound cards and other desktop equipment. Korg’s Nano line is popular among aspiring electronic musicians who combine Kontrol2 with nanoPAD and nanoKEYS. Thus, a set of tools for a home studio is obtained.

It is worth considering that if you plan to prescribe automation, then the faders do not have a motor function. Also not recommended for those who use many design and track groups. Korg nanoKontrol2 does not support these features. Price: $ 50.

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3. Steinberg CC121

Steinberg CC121 for Cubase

Created by Steinberg specifically for Cubase …

Steinberg CC121 is the only control surface designed to run smoothly with just one DAW program. This is while most manufacturers are guided by all modern programs … And although its price is a little high – the amazing functionality fully justifies it. You will get an EQ section that offers 12 separate controllers, which is very convenient for tuning. If you work in Cubase – this is an obvious choice! Price: $ 450.

4. Mackie Control Universal Pro

Mackie Control Universal Pro

The truth is that many of us most of all want to have a controller whose appearance will be very close to the analog console.

Mackie Control Universal Pro is the first such close device. It is much larger and heavier than the options that we saw before. You get 9 motorized faders and plenty of flexible controls with an authentic look. It also offers its own communication protocol and provides better integration with the DAW program. Price: $ 1700.

5. Behringer B-Control Fader BCF2000

Behringer B-Control Fader BCF2000

Behringer – can not boast of the release of high-quality products, and therefore do not really know how to produce control surfaces for working with sound. You will be very surprised, but over the past years they have “pumped” so much that their devices have become one of the most popular on the market.

The main reason for the popularity of this model is its low price, which is about 1/4 of the cost of all competing in its category. It doesn’t have such a beautiful design and some engineers complain about loud motorized faders, but the general reviews are positive. Price: 300-400 $.

6. Behringer X-Touch

Behringer X-Touch

A more advanced model of the BCF2000 controller. It has advanced functionality, a visual display of audio signals and settings. X-Touch has become more overall and professionally designed (all the shortcomings of the previous version have been fixed).

At the moment, this is one of the best-selling models! Price: 400-600 $.

7. Avid Artist Mix

Avid Artist MixThis is our favorite controller from 8 data. It is not only pleasant to look at, but also the visual-intuitive layout makes it very simple and convenient. However, there is one caveat: because of the Ethernet connection, new laptops (such as the Macbook Pro) will require an adapter, which should not be a problem. Price: $ 800.

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8. Avid Artist Control

Avid Artist ControlThis model is the brother of Avid Artist Mix. Their designs are similar, but the layout of the surfaces is different. The first thing that catches your eye is just 4 automated faders, the presence of 8 knobs and 12 buttons that can be assigned to certain functions. Avid has long been committed to the quality of its products and all models are worth the money. Price: $ 950-1300.

The DAW controller is a great tool for quickly adjusting balance, frequencies, and panoramas. Some devices have advanced functionality. You can accurately and personally edit the material when mixing and mastering music. If there are difficulties with the quality or not of the studio, send the material to our studio, and we will do our best to justify the expected result! The top did not include such mixing consoles as: SSL Nucleus, Livid Instruments CNTRL: R WH, Livid Instruments DS1, Icon QCon Pro 2, Presonus Studio Live 16.4.2, Presonus Studiolive cs18a, Softube Console 1 and some others. These models are two or even three times more expensive than those listed. Keep an eye on them if you have an unlimited budget.

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