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Online Looper Bitmaking Program [Free]

11 January , 2018


Looper is a free DAW platform from BandLab with 12 professionally developed sample packages and built-in time switching technology. Easy, instant and fun!

BandLab, an award-winning social music platform, has launched Looper, a mobile feature that lets you create rhythms on the go. This is a sample selection tool for creating music and is part of the BandLab cloud workstation.

Looper is available free of charge in BandLab and starts with 12 sound packages, each of which is equipped with 24 individual samples. Regardless of whether you are a professional beatmaker or just want to make a rhythm for rehearsal, you can quickly and easily make a rhythm section. Additional sample packages will continue to be released to join the large audio library (2000+).

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Main characteristics:

  • Available for FREE on iOS and Android
  • 12 full sample packages
  • BandLab and time shift technology
  • Several main genres: Rock, Hip-Hop, Grime, Electronic, House, Dubstep, Indie, Funk, Minimal Trap Pop and R&B
  • Downloadable presets for offline creation
  • Over 10 effects: ClassicChamber, LargeHall, BrightRoom, AmbientRocker, EchoDoubler, HighVox, PunchyDoubler, PunchyRap and others
  • Recording and monitoring

Download for free for iOS and Android.

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