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Comparative table of the best streaming services (for 2019)

10 April , 2020

Music streaming services are one way to make a name for yourself around the world. You no longer need to record tapes or CDs to distribute them to strategically important people and companies, or try to sell them near nightclubs. To date, just sharing a link is enough and everyone will find your contacts and a complete list of released songs. Placing music on platforms such as SoundCloud, Spotify, or Apple Music has made the path to fame easier.

How music streaming services work

Top Music Streaming Services Comparison Chart

Every author wants to be heard. Platforms receive materials and broadcast them around the world. Of course, selling 100 discs for $ 10 would bring $ 1,000 of gross income, and then playing one of the discs at a local institution would bring several hundred more, but streaming services do not work like that. Their main task is to collect royalties from each reproduction. Spotify, for example, pays an average of $ 0.0044 per play. YouTube has its own pricing policy, and since it is a major player in the market, it pays only $ 0,0007 per play. Each company has its own way of sharing royalties.

But that is not all you need to know.

Using a music streaming service like Spotify can be very useful because of its approach to the community. You can easily share the playlist directly on social networks, and when using a desktop computer, you can also see what other people are listening to. This makes Spotify a very fertile place to start. Earlier, we wrote that the income of streaming platforms grew by 32% in 2019 and this company occupies a leading position in this list.

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If your choice is focused on Tidal, which pays a lot more ($ 0.0125 dollars per reproduction), its client base is much smaller and you may encounter some obstacles when sharing content. However, music streaming services like Tidal have their advantages. Users who pay for such services have very specific tastes and, as a rule, are more demanding on sound quality. But you, as an advanced user, musician and creative person, can always order high-quality mixing and mastering in AREFYEV Studio, so you are not afraid of these difficulties.

What streaming service to focus on

There are many factors to consider when distributing music, but one is superior to the rest – this is your audience. Think about your work and those who listen to it. Are these party tunes? Looking to get a big fan group to pay for the show? Every detail affects the choice of platform. For example, SoundCloud has gained a special reputation as a testing ground for new talents, and people who are looking for independent musicians often hide behind its interface.

You do not need a studio or company to create your own work. You can write it at home and send it for mixing or just mastering. Responsibly to marketing decisions and the distribution of quality material. Identify the listener and offer him your music.

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