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Positive Grid – Pro Series EQ (Free)

25 December , 2017


Positive Grid congratulates you on the upcoming holidays, and give away their legendary equalizers for free!

Positive Grid make some of the best plugins for guitar processing, among them you can see Bias Amp, Bias FX and Bias Pedal. After a well-deserved success, the company released a series of compressors and an equalizer that you can download for free!

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The Pro Series EQ uses “component modeling” technology, which compressors and amplifiers use. Instead of simulating a whole block, each individual component is separated, analyzed, modeled and recreated in digital form. This allows for clarity and flexibility. With the Pro Series EQ, you actually get 3 different models:

  • Tube EQ shows itself as an “artistic” equalizer. It reminds Pultec of ease and softness of work.
  • Digital EQ is more of a surgical instrument. Instead of coloring the sound, it more accurately shows itself as a corrective neutral equalizer.
  • Passive EQ – similar to a hybrid of the first and second devices. There are 3 control ranges for each channel and the bands themselves have a choice. Despite the fact that it is positioned as passive – you can add modeling of a tube amplifier to it for a little creative coloring.

It is difficult not to single out the design and quality of processing. You have the opportunity to save $ 49 and download an unlimited license completely free of charge on the official Positive Grid website! (distribution is closed).

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