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ComBear – a free analogue of Sausage Fattener

22 December , 2017


W. A. ​​Production released the free ComBear parallel compressor, in the VST, VST3 and AU formats for modern digital audio stations. Developers also give a 90% discount on the rest of their products.

ComBear is an easy-to-use parallel compressor designed to saturate drums and other elements in your mix. The plugin is very similar to the famous Sadaage Fattener from Dada Life and partially copies it (in particular, the animated bear and the technical side). The compressor part consists of one handle, which affects the compression force. Increasing values ​​will lead to an aggressive effect and the same expression on the face of the bear. The ComBear plugin performs well on drums, guitars and vocals.

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Is ComBear a suitable free alternative to Sausage Fattener?

Undoubtedly. The tools have simple controls and similar functions, but the price of Sausage Fattener is $ 27, while its counterpart is available for free.

You can download the plugin on the site Pluginboutique.

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