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Universal Audio LUNA can be downloaded for free!

8 April , 2020

Universal Audio LUNA Recording System

As we wrote earlier, Universal Audio has developed a new program for writing and editing music that you can download and use completely free of charge. Update: A new version for the macOS and Thunderbolt Apollo or Arrow interfaces has just been released.

LUNA is a new DAW program that promises to work both with analog systems and with internal summing by the Neve console. Thanks to the emulation of the Studer A800 tape (available as a plug-in), you get a lively and natural sound. Unfortunately, both of these devices are available at an additional cost (previously this point was not announced, demonstration videos showed only close integration). Studer A800 will cost 349 euros, adder Neve – for 299 euros. Moog Minimoog emulation costs 299 Euros as much as the currently popular hardware clone from Behringer (pictured right).

Behringer Minimoog

By the way, Universal Audio takes the same amount for the Rave piano (299 euros). The LUNA Spitfire Bundle kit consists of the Spitfire, Spitfire SymphonicBrass and SpitfireSymphonic Woodwinds string cameras – price: 599 euros. The free Shape toolkit is based on sounds from SpitfireAudio, Loops de la Creme and SampleOrangeTree. And don’t forget: LUNA DAW itself is also free. Here you can easily use plug-ins UAD and Audio Units (AU).

You can use as many tracks in a project as your system can pull; LUNA itself has no limits. Import AAF (Advanced Authoring Format) should ensure compatibility with other DAWs. Autosaving of the session ensures that nothing (by accident) will be lost during operation. Faster real-time monitoring depends on the power of Apollo DSP systems and provides a delay of less than 2 milliseconds.

— See also: Sonible and Focusrite give away the smart “Balancer” plugin for free —

Still, expectations were slightly higher. You’ll have to pay a decent amount for each item, but if you use the Thunderbolt Apollo or Arrow interface on an Apple Mac, you will still be happy. Close integration with the equipment makes LUNA an interesting program. We will follow its further development.

Download for free: Universal Audio LUNA (only for macOS).

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