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6 best free mastering limiters!

28 February , 2017

6 luchshikh besplatnykh limiterov dlya masteringa! (FREE Limiter)

If you are looking for a free mastering limiter, here is a list of some of the best that many producers and mastering engineers use.

1. LoudMax


LoudMax is certainly considered one of the most popular free limiters. It maximally preserves the original character of the sound, even with strong compression of the audio signal. This is a great mastering tool.


  • Supported frequencies: 2kHz – 384kHz
  • Attack Time: 1.25 ms
  • Release Time – Automatic, Depends on Input
  • No audible distortion
  • Overdrive: 740dB
  • Very low CPU utilization

Download: LoudMax

2. Limiter №6

Limiter №6

This is a more sophisticated mastering limiter. With Limiter No. 6 (by vladg / sound) you get great sound. Perhaps the first acquaintance with the tool will seem difficult, but it provides flexibility for advanced users. Adjust precise attack and release to eliminate audible distortion.


  • 5 modules: RMS-compressor, peak-limiter, RF limiter, clipper, limiter end bus
  • High quality signal processing
  • Rough and soft response depending on the settings
  • M / S and multi-channel mode
  • Additional 4x upsampling within the limiter
  • Analog indication
  • 2 different GUIs

Download:Limiter №6

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3. Frontier

d16 FrontierD16 gives everyone their free Frontier mastering limiter. The input knob is a setting for the sound compression strength. The user can get great sound with minimal settings. The plugin is available for Windows and Mac. All you need to get this tool is to register on the official website and complete the installation (link below).

Download: Frontier

4. EasyLimiter

Now let’s move on to the lighter limiters. EasyLimiter is a free plugin that is suitable for removing many peak problems. This is a fairly simple but powerful limiter with a low processor load.


  • Peak Detection Before Audio Playback
  • Stereo link knob adjusts stereo channel compression difference

Download: easyLimiter

5. Maxwell Smart

Maxwell Smart is a free peak limiter / maximizer. The instrument meets all the standards of modern sound processing (ITU, EBU and ATSC). The strength of softness and response is controlled by three buttons: Loud, Normal and Smooth (de Smooth is soft work, and Loud is aggressive).


  • Adjustable input and output
  • 3 sound control modes
  • Delay compensation
  • Ideal for mastering or as a tire for compressing drums

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6. ClipShifter

LVC-Audio ClipShifter

LVC-Audio ClipShifter is a free limiter that is suitable for mastering music of any style.

Features (free version):

  • Stereo Channel Processing Algorithm
  • Scalable Waveform
  • Standard LVC-Audio analyzer
  • Low processor load
  • Standard control knobs

The paid version costs only 12.5 dollars and expands the functionality. Available for Window and Mac OSX.

Download: ClipShifter

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