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7 best reverb plugins for mixing music

18 January , 2018

7 luchshikh plaginov reverberatsii dlya svedeniya muzyki

Let’s be honest, there are many plugins available. To find out which one is better, and especially the “best” one, is impossible. In this article, we will focus on reverb and give some of our favorite options.

1. Spare DAW Reverb

Although analog reverbs such as the Bricasti M7 ($ 3,950) can be used for mixing, you should always have light versions of instruments at hand. From the built-in, you can select D-Verb from Pro Tools. To date, each sequencer has batch plugins that can solve basic tasks.

2. LiquidSonics Seventh Heaven

LiquidSonics Seventh HeavenWe recently purchased this product due to the fact that LiquidSonics was the first company to make an amazing digital recreation of the Bricasti reverb. This is not the cheapest software, but the quality fully justifies the price. Get 30 of the best analog reverb algorithms with detailed pulses. It is great for vocals and instruments. Particularly colorful revealed on the piano, acoustic guitars and strings.

3. Lexicon PCM

Lexicon PCM Native Reverb Bundle

Lexicon PCM is literally a copy of the 480L. The same algorithm is used, which is located in the hardware, with the only difference being that there are no converters or amplification in the plug-ins. Lexicon’s design is simpler and gives an even tone with soft shades. Very often the package can be found in recording studios, as these are classic rooms, which you can’t do without.

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4. Altiverb

AudioEase Altiverb 7

Altiverb is a leader in convolutional reverb. Most of the digital spatial plugins that we discuss are based on mathematical algorithms that turn the code into properly blurred sound. Convolutional / convolutional reverb means sampling, where the impulse is generated through a physical room or device, and the received tail is used for modeling. Simply put, someone is standing in a room, taking a shot and recording it. This record is formed and prepared for other sound sources. The developers did a great job traveling through various large concert halls to create a library for the plugin. Altiverb is commonly used in the film industry as it can be used from dry rooms to deaf cars with different upholstery. Favorite use: wherever living space is needed.

5. UAD Oceanway

Now scary realism: the UAD Oceanway reverb is hard to beat. Technically, this is a convolutional reverb, although the description says “dynamic room simulation.” It can be said that this plugin is worth buying first when you receive Universal Audio’s UAD-2 system for audio processing. Great for background vocals, percussion and for everything that needs to be removed from the listener.

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6. Waves Rverb

Waves Renaissance ReverbRecently, we have not used this reverb, but there are styles in which it is impeccably good. Beautifully reveals recitative and generally hip-hop. Intrinsic graininess adds space while maintaining the character of the performer. Many mixing engineers like these rooms in active styles. This allows them to place their voice in a lively atmosphere.

7. FabFilter Pro-R

FabFilter Pro-R

FabFilter Pro-R is a very clean, beautiful and open sound reverb. It is also highly customizable, like all the company’s products. Today, we do not always need faceless rooms, so this is not the best choice for the main leading tool. Choose it when invisible reflections are required (for example, in the EDM style, when synthesizers seem unnatural). He deserves attention and will take his place in the collection.


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