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PreSonus – Studio One 4 Prime (free)

19 July , 2018


PreSonus introduced Studio One 4 Prime, an updated version of its free digital audio workstation based on flagship music production software.

We often recommend Studio One Prime as one of the best free music platforms for beginners. Its biggest drawback is that the free version cannot load VST or AU plugins (this requires StudioOne Artist or StudioOne Pro). Prime, on the other hand, its intuitive user interface and unprecedented workflow make it ideal for recording demos and learning the basics of mixing.

The fourth version received several improvements that were added to Artist and Pro. These include improvements in editing using the new editor of percussion and melodic patterns, as well as support for mp3 encoding when rendering a project. This is a nice addition for users who want to share their songs as quickly as possible.

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As before, Studio One 4 Prime includes a set of nine high-quality effects (channel band, distortion, delay, phaser, etc.). Comes with over 1 GB of content. If this is not enough, and you need support for VST plugins, check out the commercial versions, or take a look at other free DAW programs, such as SONAR Platinum or Tracktion 6.

Please note that Prime is only compatible with 64-bit operating systems. You can download from the official site PreSonus.

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