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VB-Audio introduced Voicemeeter 8 (Potato)

22 January , 2019

VB-Audio has announced the release of Voicemeeter 8 (aka Potato), a new console-based virtual mixing application that offers 5 physical I / O and 3 virtual I / O. Potato lets you connect more audio devices and more applications together and provides more control over any type of audio workflow (now from 44.1 kHz to 192 kHz).

This Voicemeeter release (version / / offers new virtual audio drivers for the entire series (also for Voicemeeter Standard and Banana), which are made more reliable, with optimal processor load, better sound quality and are fully compatible with all versions of Windows. Voicemeeter also installs virtual ASIO drivers (4 clients per ASIO driver) for connecting 32-bit and 64-bit DAWs and a Virtual ASIO insert driver created for connecting a VST host to process any inputs to the fader with any VST plug-ins.

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Voicemeeter Potato provides new features inspired by mixing consoles for audio professionals and provides better integration with Microsoft Windows. With the 8 BUS multi-layer mixer, you can now define independent mixing for each bus (SEL button). The internal FX section offers reverb and the Multitap delay FX effect to invite musicians or small groups to use it as a mixer for producing music. The external FX section provides the usual AUX with SEND and RETURN path for connecting external hardware FX. Finally, Potato’s virtual input bars show connected applications with volume and mute controls for each (as suggested in Windows VolumeMixer).

Voicemeeter also installs additional applications such as MacroButtons, VBAN2MIDI, and 2 A.P.A bus examples. (Audio processing as an application) 15-band graphic equalizer and 8 × 8 gain matrix. Finally, a complete API is supplied for controlling any parameters or processing audio streams within an application programmed in any language that supports standard DLLs.

Voicemeeter Potato is available as a free program with an activation code that you can download and use for free. He will offer you to activate your demo license after 30 days of use.

Additional Information: VB-Audio.

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