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TASCAM Introduces DR-X Series Digital Audio Recorders

25 January , 2019

TASCAM introduced the next generation of its recognized line of professional-grade portable recorders, the DR-X Series.

The DR-X series is the natural evolution of the highly successful TASCAM portable recorders, marking a dramatic update to the already robust feature sets of these recorders. An ideal companion for videographers, offscreen artists, songwriters and podcasters. Built-in unidirectional stereo microphones DR-40X with scalable A / B or X / Y configuration, dual 1/4 inch XLR combined input, built-in phantom power for condenser microphones, integrated 4-track recording and wired remote control make it an indispensable tool for DSLR video, music recording, sound creation, and more. DSLR filmmakers will love the Auto-Tone DR-40X feature, which provides a beep that identifies each recording.

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The new DR-X series now adds a new model, the powerful yet affordable DR-07X, designed to provide professional performance for musicians and voiceovers. Including all the features of the DR-07X, with the exception of scalable microphones, the DR-05X is equipped with a pair of omnidirectional condenser microphones, making it an ideal tool for recording music. All DR-X models have a completely updated user interface that makes it easy to access recordings, level settings, remove takes, add markers and other common features with the touch of a thumb. A multilingual menu is included in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Portuguese. And thanks to the increased capacity for microSDXC cards up to 128 GB, the DR-X series recorders can record literally days to day.

DR-X series recorders are now available at the following estimated prices:

  • DR-40X – 199,99$.
  • DR-07X – 149,99$
  • DR-05X – 119.99$

More information on the site TASCAM.

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