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Tracktion – Waveform (free)

30 March , 2020


Tracktion has recently unveiled its completely free Waveform music composing program, which can easily compete with such famous daw as Cakewalk by BandLab, Traktion T7, Pro Tools First and Studio One Prime.

Tracktion’s Waveform is not a limited functionality version, but a complete program in which you can create an infinite number of tracks, instruments and effects. It runs on three major operating systems: Windows, OSX and Linux, as well as the revolutionary Raspberry Pi. Waveform Free includes many of the latest popular Tracktion innovations, including; MIDI PatternGenerator, 40SC VirtualSynthesizer and Micro DrumSampler.

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Waveform can solve a wide range of problems and give professional results, including when mixing projects. Developers, for a quick start, have published dozens of training videos and templates.

You can familiarize yourself with more details and also download for free on the official website: Tracktion.

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